Friday, June 11, 2010

Baked Fish Recipes

Well, so how does the phrase Baked Fish Recipes sound to you? Baked Fish Recipes are very tasty and easy to cook. Let�s have a better understanding of these Baked Fish recipes. Catching fish is a thrilling activity is an accepted fact for most people however it is also an unalterable fact that eating fish is also a thrilling experience. However a lot depends on the first time you taste seafood. As it often happens with a lot of people who claim to dislike seafood, the truth is that they have usually been exposed to supermarket style stale and frozen varieties of seafood or to fast food versions of seafood. In such situations one can hardly blame them for swearing off seafood altogether. Anyone will stand witness to the fact that well cooked fish is a heaven sent. Fish are naturally rich in proteins, iron and phosphorous and it also contains negligible amounts of dietary fibers and sugar.

The goodness of their proteins gives shine and strength to hair and eyes. For a lot of people living near coastal areas, fish is the primary source of nourishment. This is the basic use of fish, any fish. This statement is enhanced when it comes to game fish. The sheer size and the struggle that the game fish put up at the time of catching, puts an additional attraction upon the dish. There are numerous ways to cook fish, by grilling, steaming, poaching, frying, baking, or micro-waving. Baked fish recipes are by far the most numerous.

When buying fish, make sure it is fresh. The freshness of fish can be ascertained by following a few simple guidelines. Do not buy any fish that smells funny; trust your nose completely in this. The scales should be healthy and intact, the gills bright and pink and there should be a visible layer of mucous. The fish should feel firm and should spring back when touched. The eyes of the fish should be clear or at least protruding. Now that we have selected our fish we are ready to know more about the delicious baked fish recipes.

Baked Fish Recipes are very popular and simple to go about. The most important step is baking. Baking is a very good way to cook fish but make sure you don�t dry your fish too much. Baking is the most popular method of cooking fish because it is relatively simple, you can experiment with flavors, seasonings and sauces and easily create new baked fish recipes using the basic premise of covering the filets of fish with onions, lemon juice, and other seasoning and baking till it is opaque.


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