Sunday, June 6, 2010

Alaska Halibut Fishing Trip

Alaska Halibut Fishing Trip is one of the most popular fishing trips especially among the adventurers. But before we actually take a deep look in to the topic Alaska Halibut Fishing Trip, let�s learn more about the halibut.
The Pacific halibut or the Hippoglosus stenolepsis is the largest flatfish species in the entire world. It is not very different from most other flatfish in its physical features. It has both eyes on one side, the side that has no eyes, the blind side as it were it white in color while the right side which has both eyes is a dull green or brown color.

The halibut is not spawned with both eyes on one side, but it grows into that stage. As the halibut grows, one eye migrates to the other side, leaving one side blind. The outstanding feature of the halibut that differentiates it from other flatfish is its size. There have been halibut that were about 400 pounds in weight. The average size for commercial halibut ranges from 10 to 200 pounds. The meat of the halibut is flaky, white and slightly sweet. The best season for setting out for Alaska Halibut Fishing Trip is during the months of March to November in the United States and Canada but the halibut season is open all year round in Russia. Halibut is found mainly in Alaska, Canada, Russia and Washington.

Halibut are unmistakably game fish. The halibut is the most sought after saltwater fish in the state of Alaska, it is a thrill to catch them; their size makes them all the more attractive and challenging to the avid fishing fan. Alaska halibut are migratory fish that move into the saltwater stretch surrounding the Kenai peninsula in March and stay there till the month of October, making the Kenai a destination not just for salmon but also for halibut fishing. Although the attraction presented by the halibut is great, anglers should be careful. Alaska Halibut Fishing Trip is not for everybody. It takes great strength and skill to catch these elusive, bottom dwelling fish. You will be carrying pounds of baitfish like herrings or octopus, on heavy-duty limber rods, using a small pulley to guide with strong wind reels to fish. The best and most convenient way to Alaska Halibut Fishing Trip is to engage a professional charter and guide who will take you to the best halibut fishing spots and who will help you catch these tough ones.

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