Monday, May 24, 2010

Lake Erie Small Mouth Bass Fishing

Let�s try to know more about Lake Erie small mouth bass fishing today. Lake Erie is a veritable treasure chamber when it comes to small mouth bass fishing. Lake Erie small mouth bass fishing is an event to remember for a lifetime. The small mouth is easily identified by its two dorsal fins, the bronzed flecks in the cheek and the lower jaw that does not extend beyond the eye, which is also where the small mouth bass derives its name. Unlike the largemouth, the small mouth bass has a slightly smaller jaw. Small mouth bass usually are found in the freshwater Great Lakes where the water is cold, clear and clean and usually has a gravel or rock. Small mouth bass habitat is also found with logs and rocks that provide cover. They like the water temperature slightly lower than what is most amenable to the large mouth bass.

Lake Erie is probably the best place to come to for some exciting small mouth bass fishing. And that is precisely why Lake Erie small mouth bass fishing is so famous. Small mouth bass is a trophy fish that fights hard not to be caught and pulled out of the water by the angler. But on Lake Erie it is not uncommon for fish anglers to tire themselves out catching small mouth bass that weigh generally five pounds. When the weather heats up during the summer, small mouth bass tend to increasingly come to the shallow, near shore water because at this time, the activity in other pond creatures like plankton, shiners, smelts, crayfish and others is activated.

Small mouth bass come to prey upon these small creatures and in this preoccupation they often get attracted to an angler�s jig or lure and bite and this helps in the entire process of Lake Erie small mouth bass fishing After which a great fight over rod and reel begins for the angler and the game fish, which ends usually with the angler winning. There are plenty of good fishing lodges and guides at Lake Erie that can help with your fishing trip. These guides can provide you with tips and techniques and take you to the best places to fish for small mouth bass. With a charter or guide at hand, your Lake Erie small mouth bass fishing experience can be made a truly memorable one.

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