Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fly Fishing On The River Dee In North Wales

Ever thought of Fly Fishing on The River Dee in North Wales? It is a wonderful experience. Read more about Fly Fishing on The River Dee in North Wales and you will for sure want to try it once. The river Dee in the north Wales region is one of the best places in the world to go for a fly fishing trip. Apart from the spectacular fishing, the landscape around river Dee in north Wales is very beautiful. Fly Fishing on The River Dee in North Wales that is in a pristine landscape just adds a whole new dimension to the experience. The north Wales region, especially river Dee is a great place to enjoy some fly-fishing and spend a family holiday.

The fishing season starts around august and continues till the winter or in some cases till spring. Some of the local game species of game fish are wild brown trout, sea trout, salmon and grayling. Brown trout and salmon fishing begins August onwards. Grayling can be caught from June to September. The river Dee is an extremely prolific north Wales river. The grayling here are extremely willing to bite the whole day. Also these fish put up a bit of a fight these extremely fast flowing waters. Another interesting option available here is that of night fishing. And this makes Fly Fishing on The River Dee in North Wales very interesting. This technique is invaluable for sea trout. All it requires is some heavy gear and with some practice, you can be a pro. The river Dee is one of the largest rivers in northern Wales. It sends off numerous tributaries.

What this translates into is, maximum fishing opportunities. And that what Fly Fishing on The River Dee in North Wales is known for. The best season to go for Fly Fishing on The River Dee in North Wales is during late summers � the weather and water conditions are optimum then. Of course the wilds of Wales only add to the enjoyment. This is an extremely good location to bring along your children too. Many of the fishing establishments in and around river Dee advertise their children friendly atmosphere. Lodges provide child minding facilities, special activities and fly-fishing lessons for the children. Also, you have a range of lodgings to choose from. For those inclined towards solitude, cabins can be arranged in a quiet nook of the river Dee in north Wales. You can practice your fly-fishing in a secluded Welsh corner. Lodges range from the most luxurious to the more modest native style cottages. Once you try fly-fishing at the river Dee in northern Wales, you�ll come back here year after year.

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