Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Florida Tarpon Fishing

Florida is a great place to come and fish for trophy fish but a major reason why anglers from all over the world religiously travel to Florida every year has a lot to do with the Florida giant tarpon. Anglers are mesmerized by this majestic fish a.k.a tarpon a.k.a the silver king. Watching tarpon thrash through the waves of the warm Florida water, the angler realizes that catching this game fish will be a tough battle for the tarpon truly is the silver king of the sea. Florida tarpon fishing is the yardstick for tarpon anywhere else in the world, although the experience of Florida tarpon fishing is good elsewhere too it never quite matches up to the Florida Tarpon. Let us get to know a bit more about Florida tarpon fishing.

When angling for tarpon, the best idea may be to rent a boat and hire a guide and set out for the warm seawater where the tarpon converge to spawn. They come from the Gulf of Mexico and the South Atlantic Ocean to take part in what most fish experts accept as annual prehistoric spawning rites, these include making a �daisy chain� which is like a huge circle of tarpon swimming round and round, as if they were dancing with each other. Florida tarpon fishing is great fun and a way to relax.

The trouble with tarpon is that it is not easy to recognize a bite. They have the uncanny ability to bite without letting the angler know anything happened. You have to be very careful when Florida tarpon fishing, if you see the tarpon taking a bite, do not yank the reel back and attempt to hook the silver king right then and there, because as what happens most often the tarpon will leave its mouth open and your fly will pop right out, leaving you with an empty line and frustration.

Learn to recognize the movements of the tarpon and understand them. Tarpon are very clever fish. They need to come up for air from time to time; this act is called �rolling� by anglers. The importance of rolling to the fisherman is decisive because when the tarpon roll, their silver scales flash brightly and they are visible. However this is not the end of their troubles, the angler can cast his line again and again, yet the tarpon may never bite. It is important to be patient while fishing tarpon, patience always pays off when you see the moment to strike and catch the silver kin. So go ahead and enjoy a holiday full of fun and frolic and go for Florida tarpon fishing.

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