Friday, May 14, 2010

Florida Keys Offshore Fishing

Florida Keys is one of the most popular fishing destinations in the world. Fish anglers from all over the world come to Florida Keys to enjoy its unique attractions. The Gulf Stream is only a few miles offshore and its brilliant waters feature everything a fishing fan can ask for. The Florida Keys area is abundantly inhabited by many species of sporting fish. The Blue Marlin is an inhabitant of the Florida Keys, it is usually sighted in the months between March and October and the best season to fish for the Blue Marlin is during the months of April to July. The Cobia is open for Florida Keys offshore fishing during the months of November all the way to April and the best season to fish for this game fish is during January to March. The Kingfish, the Snapper, the Grouper, the Wahoo, the Yellowtail, the Tarpon and tuna are available for fishing year round but the best seasons for Florida Keys offshore fishing these game fish is usually the early summer and the winter season.

Florida Keys offshore fishing has an extensive service base offering premium boat rental services for your fishing trip. You can charter boats for your fishing trip and profit from our excellent service since we provide not only the ride but also top quality gear, tackle and a first rate captain and mate to help you smoothen out the rough patches on your fishing. In addition to an impressive line up of sporting game fish available all year round, the Florida Keys offshore fishing also features snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing on the coral reefs that are five to ninety feet deep.

Florida Keys offshore fishing provides the experience of a lifetime. The sheer range of game fish available for sport is nothing short of inspiring. At the Florida Keys offshore fishing you will never feel left out of action because there is just so much to do. If for some reason you are not inclined to fish, you can snorkel and scuba dive among the many coral reefs surrounding the Florida Keys. In addition to coral reefs, the Florida Keys is also home to numerous artificial reefs. The ships that sank or were shipwrecked during the Second World War have turned into habitat no less wonderful than a coral reef for the fish in the offshore waters of the Florida Keys. All this and more awaits you at the Florida Keys offshore fishing.

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