Saturday, May 8, 2010

Florida Key Fishing Guide

Florida may be world famous for Miami Beach, but for an angler, Florida can mean only one thing � Islamorada on Florida Keys. It is regarded as the sport fishing capital of the world. The Florida Keys is an island chain that is a virtual haven for about 225 species of game fish. The Florida Keys islands are Key Largo, the northernmost island in the chain, Islamorada, where the fishing action is the most intense and exciting, Marathon, big Pine and the Lower Keys, and lastly the Key West Island that is the southernmost point of continental USA. The Florida Keys is home to sporting fish like the blue marlin, the cobia, the sailfish, the snapper, the grouper, the kingfish, the tarpon, tuna, the Wahoo and the yellowtail. As your Florida Keys fishing guide will tell you, the best season to fish for blue marlin, tarpon and tuna is from April to July. The months of September to march are best suited to catching fish like the cobia, the sailfish, the snapper, the Wahoo, the yellowtail, the kingfish, and the grouper. With so many fish swimming around in its waters, Florida Keys fishing guide truly deserves the title of the sporting fish capital of the world.

You will find several Florida Keys fishing guide that help in making your trip unforgettable. You have the choice of choosing from boat rentals, offshore charter boats, shore fishing, flatboat fishing, and in the rare event that you are tired of fishing, just relax. You can go diving and snorkeling in the reefs and the brilliant warm waters of the Florida Keys islands. Your Florida Key-fishing guide will ensure that your trip is fulfilling for you. The many kinds of fishing possibilities make your trip all the more exciting, if you want to fish the colorful and beautiful fish that live in the living and the artificial reefs in offshore Florida, and then you can join a charter boat or hire your own personal flat boat to hover over the reef and fish. You can also go offshore in a charter boat and fish for game like bonefish, sailfish, snook and shark. There is fishing for every kind of angler, beginner, expert, risky and then some more. Go Florida Keys for a fishing trip to remember always.

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