Wednesday, May 26, 2010

646-pound Fish

Is there a 646-pound fish? Can you believe the fact that there exits a 646-pound fish? The first reaction to any report regarding a 646-pound fish is one of utter disbelief, shock and delightful surprise. It is almost impossible to even imagine an animal, let alone a fish that is as large as that. Any fish that is 646 pounds in weight must be a creature of mammoth proportions, a creature belonging more comfortably in the realm of fiction rather than reality. But as an old saying goes, truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Such a monster of a fish was caught just off the shores of Thailand. This 646-pound fish is a Mekong giant catfish. This whopping catfish stands apart from other fish, gaming and otherwise, in a distinct manner. It is as different from other fish as normal, average sized human beings would be to the mythical warrior Ajax or Hercules.

This catch establishes a new record for the largest and biggest fresh water fish caught in the world; the record was easy to set because the fish is almost as big as a bear. This humungous 646-pound fish was caught by Thai fishermen and was weighed and scaled by researchers who happened to be conducting some research around the area. The Mekong giant catfish has been entered as the largest fish ever found by the International Gaming Fish Association.

Other claims have been made for the largest fish caught but so far the largest among them was a 468-pound sturgeon caught in Germany, which puts The Mekong giant catfish that is the 646-pound fish right at the top. Researchers are amazed and hopeful about the potential that could be found due to this catch. They are hopeful that there may still be other fish as large as or perhaps even larger than this one. Researchers hope to study the catfish and learn ways in which they may save this fish from extinction. All around the world, giant fish like this one are steadily disappearing. Fish like this are like the dinosaurs of the sea, if they can be found and studied then there may be a chance to conserve them and save them from extinction.

Local government authorities and research scientists arranged for the 646-pound fish to be released in the river once more so it may spawn however this was not to be. Soon after capture the 646-pound fish died and was eaten by the local village people.

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