Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lake Camp Walleye Fishing In Manitoba

Lake camp walleye fishing in Manitoba is the best walleye fishing that you can get anywhere on this side of the Atlantic. Fishing in this side cannot get better than Lake camp walleye fishing in Manitoba. Imagine being on a huge lake in Manitoba, in the only camp on the lake. There are only 10 persons in total, who have come to fish. The rest are the camp staffers who are entrusted with the responsibility of showing you the fishing. The graph on this kind of trip starts ascending the minute you climb a float plane to get to camp and then from there, it keeps rising, because there is not going to be one disappointing moment in this fishing trip. So let�s learn a more about Lake camp walleye fishing in Manitoba.

Walleye is a fish that belongs to the fish family Percidae, which are the symmetrical fish found in the freshwater lakes and streams in North America, Northern Europe and Asia. Lake camp walleye fishing in Manitoba is famous basically for walleye, also known as the walleye pike is a very elusive fish that often rests on the bottom of the lake or stream during daytime and surfaces to prey on tiny insects and plankton when dusk falls. During summer time, this game fish lies on the bottom of the freshwater all day and night to stay in the cold water at the bottom. The average sporting g walleye found in the lakes and streams of Manitoba weighs about 10 pounds.

Lake Camp walleye fishing in Manitoba is possibly the best way to fish for this elusive freshwater fish. Because the walleye prefers to stay at the bottom of the water at all times, it often becomes difficult to find it. Therefore when you have the guide of the camp you�re staying at with you, fishing for walleye becomes easier because the guide can point you to the right direction. A good technique to employ while trying to catch walleye is to use brightly colored jigs, during the spring, it is a great idea to use colors like bright white, bright yellow, black or red but during the summer when the walleye goes deep within the water then your best bet is to use a jig colored bright yellow and white and trust to your angling skills and wait, the walleye will come. That�s all we had about Lake camp walleye fishing in Manitoba for the time being.

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