Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ice Fishing On Lake Erie

The first time I was aware of the existence of an activity known as ice fishing was when I was watched cartoons. A penguin was sitting on the ice; it cut a hole in the ice with a knife and dropped his line in, whereupon he soon caught three big fat fish. If only ice fishing was as convenient and simple. Although ice fishing on Lake Erie can be a very enjoyable experience for those who enjoy it there are various things that must be kept in mind before you can set off to ice fish. Ice fishing on Lake Erie is a stupendous experience and this does not change even in winter. Instead of fishing from shore or a boat, you can step right on to the ice and fish there.

The safest place to ice fishing on Lake Erie is the area between the Rattlesnake islands and the Green Islands, it is a good place to ice fish because there are minimum current and the islands provide protection and cover. Ice fishing is usually dependent upon weather conditions. In years that have good, thick ice on the lake the ice fishing season can begin as early as December and last well into March, although to be on the safe side most ice fishing anglers try to catch all the ice action during the peak months of January and February. The basic equipment needed for any ice fishing on Lake Erie outing includes an ice shanty, a crude shelter that provides protection against strong winds and possible rain and storm. You will also need an auger for cutting through the ice, handheld sonar for testing the depth and finding fish, an ice skimmer to scrape ice off your ice hole. It is also a good idea to take a portable kerosene heater along, so that you do not feel too cold during long waits on the ice in your ice shanty.

However, the important thing to remember when ice fishing on Lake Erie is that safety should be the highest priority. You must take care to always fish in groups; never try to go ice fishing on Lake Erie alone or in places you are unfamiliar with. The unpredictable weather can sweep ice and break it so you must be very alert to weather reports. Remember to wear a floatation device and carry ice spikes in case you need them. To be on the safe side, always take a guide with you when ice fishing on Lake Erie, because no ice is safe ice.

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