Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hawaii and State Fish

What is Hawaii and state fish program? Let�s learn a bit more about the Hawaii and state fish program. The Hawaii and state fish program is part of a program on the part of the Wildlife Forever organization that is committed to the protection and conservation of the many creatures belonging to the American wildlife; creatures that are in danger of being extinct and also creatures that are dwindling from their natural habitat. It is the aim of the Wildlife Forever organization to garner support for the protection of these endangered animals from extinction and further persecution due to irresponsible hunting and fishing. Wildlife Forever is working with authorities to better manage wildlife and fish and preserve their natural habitats.

Wildlife Forever has been working intently towards this goal since 1987 and its projects have targeted research, land acquisition, management and educational purposes. Species that have benefited from the efforts of the Wildlife Forever organization include species like the American bald eagle, duck, coyote, black bear, Canadian geese, and bluegill among many others. The Hawaii and state fish program is one o the many programs organized by the Wildlife Forever organization to promote and create awareness among school children about their environment and the natural habitat of their own states. The state fish program was conducted in all 50 states.

The idea behind the state fish program was to make children aware of the state fish of their state. Each child was required to paint a picture of its state fish. In doing so, they were learning about their state fish and they were sensitized to the necessity of spreading awareness and the importance of conservation of the natural habitat of the species that are rapidly dwindling. Programs and drives of this nature encourage children to interest themselves in the movement of conservation and they are made to feel and believe that they can make a difference and help in protecting our natural and wildlife heritage. The Hawaii and state fishing program was a huge success and the Wildlife forever organization intends to make it an annual affair. The Hawaii and state fish is Humuhumunukunukwapa�a (Rhinecanthus Rectanglus, common names � Picasso Triggerfish, Reef Triggerfish, Hawaiian Triggerfish), which means �fish with a nose like a pig�.

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