Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grilled Fish Recipes

Today we are discussing Grilled fish recipes. The mere mention of grilled fish is enough to make any fish and seafood lover�s mouth water. In addition to being absolutely finger licking delicious, fish and seafood has another great advantage. It is an extremely healthy food. Fish features in almost every healthy diet plan. This is because fish is so rich in protein. Studies have proven that it is much better to eat fish than meat since fish has an equal amount of protein and the various fish oils are also useful in preventing coronary heart disease. Let�s get to know a bit more about Grilled fish recipes.

Fish is also an important source for magnesium, iron and phosphorous. If you didn�t have a reason to eat fish until now, I doubt you are still looking for a reason anymore. The possibilities for grilled fish recipes are absolutely endless. Fish is a global food moreover; every region in the world has its own way of grilling and cooking fish. What could be a better proof of being truly international than by eating fish regularly.

Among the many grilled fish recipes that are popular for grilled fish, here are only a few, hot grilled trout where the trout is marinated with lemon juice, oil, parsley, Tabasco sauce, margarine, sesame seeds, ginger and salt. The trout is then refrigerated for about half an hour whereupon it is removed from the marinade and grilled on a hand held grill about 4 inches from hot coals. The aromatic juice steeps into the fish and it is grilled into becoming a delicious dish. Other grilled fish recipes that are extremely delicious and comparatively easy to cook are the Australian grilled fish; Brook trout grilled with rice, and Bourbon tuna steaks.

There are several things to keep in mind when grilling fish. It is best to use a hinged wire grill basket, as this is convenient to move and turn and easy to handle. Make sure that all the ingredients you require are near at hand when you begin to cook. The fish should be thoroughly clean when you start on cooking. If you are using a marinade, then make sure that you marinade the fish in the refrigerator and allow the fish about half an hour to marinade so that it can soak up all the flavors adequately. If you intend to use the remaining marinade as sauce to pour over the fish when grilling, then it is best to boil the marinade separately for 5 minutes so that any bacteria that may be left from the fish may be eradicated. Grill fish on medium and medium low heat. Fish cooks quickly and the low heat will allow you to prevent overcooking. Make sure you do not turn the fish over more than once; turning the fish over and over can break the fish apart. With all these grilled fish recipes I�m sure you are going to have a great dinner tonight. And who knows you may end up inventing your own grilled fish recipes as well.

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