Friday, April 30, 2010

Cartoon Fish Drawing

Imagine the delight that Walt Disney must have felt when he saw the first animated cartoon clip that his vision had helped bring forward. Although that first animation seems rudimentary and crude when compared with the animation today however, it must not be forgotten that those �crudely� developed animated clips were the first cartoons and the precursors of every animated creation existing today. The arrival of cartoons on prime time television were evidence to the reality of a changing society where even children were given their place under the sun by creating a show that was exclusively for children. That grown ups also liked to watch these cartoons is merely a testimony of their popularity and of the immense wonder they must have held for the people who had never seen illustrations and pictures move in this manner. Cartoon fish drawing was conducted like the drawing of any other subject. Each movement of the fish in question had to be drawn, by this we mean that every fraction of an inch of movement had to be depicted. While doing Cartoon fish drawing, cartoonists would draw thousands of pictures to depict even the movement of a fin.

As filming and animation technology progressed, making leaps and bounds of progress in computer technology and animation, cartoon fish drawing became easier and the drawing was now done on computers, taking the field to heights never before imagined. This is seen through the evidence of entire animated films made depicting fish as never before. In recent years, the animation work that has come from Pixar Studios has shown great vision and innovation in the style of representing fish. They are no longer two dimensioned figures on a TV screen about living fish. You can almost see them breathing through heir gills as they swim around in the ocean. The recent film, �Finding Nemo� about the quest of a clownfish, Marlin to rescue his son, Nemo from the aquarium of a Sydney harbor dentist presents the fish almost as humans. Their fears and happiness is depicted perfectly through change in facial expressions, the perceived qualities of various different sea creatures are also challenged in a way reminding us of the prejudices that we bear against others in our daily lives. Cartoon fish drawing can never be the same after films like �Finding Nemo� and �Shark Tail�.

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