Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lake Huron Salmon Fishing

Let�s talk about Lake Huron Salmon Fishing today. Lake Huron Salmon Fishing is about a lot of things let�s what? Lake Huron derives its name from a Native American tribe who lived in the region between Lake Simcoe and the Georgian Bay. Their culture was that of the Eastern woodlands, they lived in villages and cultivated tobacco. Their name for themselves was �Wendat� but the French colonists who came to northern country called them Huron. The lake got its name from the tribe. Lake Huron is the second largest freshwater body in the United States of America. Lake Huron Salmon Fishing can be quite a memorable experience if you take care to plan your fishing schedule well.

The Salmon is a member of the salmonidae family. It is the one of the marine fish that spawns in freshwater. They reside in cold, oxygen rich waters; they are generally silver colored in saltwater but more brightly hues in lakes and streams. The general life pattern of most salmon is that they hatch in freshwater, and in the first or second year of their lives they travel downstream to the sea where they grow to maturity. They then travel back to their hatching sites to spawn. Lake Huron Salmon Fishing is famous for the grueling, almost impossible journeys back to freshwater. They leave the sea in prime condition but the difficult journey back upstream, batters them physically. When they finally reach, if they escape predators, fishermen and survive falls, they spawn with all the strength they have left and die.

The best way to fish for salmon is to join a fishing party on a charter fishing boat. If you are a seasoned veteran fish angler, you may well hire a boat and head out for Lake Huron Salmon Fishing on your own. However, even seasoned fish anglers can use the expertise of the charter boat crew and implement new techniques in their fishing. During the summers, Coho salmon and Chinook salmon (King salmon) are generally at the bottom of Lake Huron and can only be found by regular fish anglers, charter fishermen or local residents. In the late summer and fall seasons, the salmon move out from the depths and move to the mouth of the Spanish River where they can easily be caught. Because they come from Lake Huron, they are a wonderful color and extremely good to eat. The season for fishing Coho and Chinook salmon is open all year. The type of licenses issued regulates the number of fish you can take back home. If you have a sport license then you can have fish five in one day, and take home five fish. If you have a conservation license then you can take home two fish in a day. So don�t wait got ahead and enjoy Lake Huron Salmon Fishing.

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