Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Football Tackles

Any Football player or even an amateur will tell you the importance of football tackles. Let us try to figure out a little more about the very interesting football tackles. Football holds the status of a minor deity in the United States of America. The kind of fan following this sport holds in the hearts of Americans is indescribable; it is something that cannot be put in words because words in this rare instance fail to deliver. Football is basically about not letting the guys on the other team through even one inch of your field space and they have pretty much the same job. The game progresses with the movement of the ball going backwards or forwards. If the ball moves backwards on your side of the field, it is very bad however in case this happens the players on the other side will be thanking their lucky stars. The point of the game of football is to run the ball past the other team and get it through the goalposts at the other end of the field and in doing so a lot of times you have to do what are called the football tackles.

The field is marked off with white chalk lines clear and wide enough for everyone in the stadium to see them. The field is 53 yards wide and from goal line to goal line it measures 100 yards, it is divided by line of chalk at five and ten yard intervals. The players on each team get four tries (�downs�) to get the ball past ten yards. Each member on the team is engaged in trying to stop the player with the ball from getting even an inch forward. Every player has his own job to do in accordance to this golden rule. Football tackles are player positions, the tackles like the name suggests, are charged with the responsibility of blocking anyone and anything in their path that has the ball. There are two tackles in the conventional game structure, namely the Nose Tackle and the Defensive Tackle.

The job of the Nose tackle in football tackles is to stop the center player from even moving. There is no tackling of the nose involved; all he has to do is make sure that the player that the quarterback throws the ball to, has no chance to pass through the space on either side of the center player on his side. The Nose Tackle is successful when the player with the ball has to change course after crashing into the Nose Tackle. Similarly the Defensive tackle is equally responsible for stopping the guy with the ball. They line up on either side of the Nose Tackle and stop anyone and anything going past them into their side of the field. Mastering these two tackles in a big achievement and ensures that you have control over your football tackles.

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