Monday, March 22, 2010

Alaska Crab Fishing

Alaska Crab Fishing has been a very interesting topic. Let�s try and get to know more about the Alaska Crab Fishing. Fishing for crab anywhere is a dangerous job but fishing for the most wanted, most popular seafood delicacy in the world, King Crab in Alaska makes dangerous seem like a timid proposition. Alaska Crab Fishing means a rigorous risky business where battling the elements is an everyday affair. Every year, the people who have made this fearsome business their livelihood, head out towards the elusive King Crab fighting extreme weather conditions and stormy seas.

King Crab is found largely in Alaska. Golden King Crab and Red King Crab are found along the Aleutian Islands along the Aleutian Islands, the Commander Islands and Dutch Harbor, stretching out into the Bering Sea. The Red King Crab are found in large colonies in Bristol Bay and Norton Sound while the Blue King Crab is concentrated a mostly along a strip of sea starting from Bering Strait to St. Lawrence Island and moving on to St. Matthew Island. The most popular and sought after crab in the entire world, the Alaskan king crab, is a delicacy that is worth roaming the fierce seas for. The Bristol Bay season for King Crab fishing was ended after only 80 hours with the authorities fearing low reserves. Before the season was declared closed however, almost 15 million pounds of crab were caught by roughly 313 fishing boats. That is a lot of Alaska Crab Fishing was carried out. Most of that season�s catch was exported to Japan, as the crab stocks in Japan were low with demand on the rise.

Alaska Crab Fishing requires a lot of efforts. Take for example the catching of the King Crab. King crab is caught in strong and large steel pots that contain chopped herrings as bait inside. The size and strength of these pots can be understood by knowing that they weigh more than 700 pounds when they are empty. The pots are set down on the sea floor and retrieved using hydraulic launches and cranes. There are three species of king crab namely the red, the blue and the golden. Amongst these, the most sought after kind is the Red King Crab because it has the sweetest meat and its legs are always packed full of it.

Around the world, seafood lovers rank the king crab as the most delicious delicacy found in the seas but to satisfy this craving for crab, crab fishermen often have to face inhuman elements to bring in catches of king crab. The habitat of the crab is home to freezing, numbing winds laden with frost and snow. On a good day, the visibility is marred only with rain with occasional bouts of snow and hail, which makes Alaska Crab Fishing very demanding as well. However when the crab fishermen are unfortunate enough to be caught in a storm, then it means they might have to sail through frozen seas, with ice spreading onto deck, stormy winds and worse and this is the worst part of the Alaska Crab Fishing.

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