Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cabo San Lucas Sport Fishing

Ever heard of Cabo San Lucas sport fishing? What is it all about? Let us try to find more about Cabo San Lucas sport fishing. Cabo San Lucas is located in the Baja California Sur in Mexico. It is one of the best places in the world to carry out sport fishing. This tropical beach town has become a popular destination for sport fishing enthusiasts. When you are in Cabo San Lucas, you can soak up the unique Mexican Culture along with the other marine sports offered by the area. So the next time you are planning a sport fishing holiday just make sure that you plan Cabo San Lucas sport fishing.

Let�s find a bit more about Cabo San Lucas sport fishing. The game fish marlin is caught all the year round at Cabo San Lucas -another reason it is such a popular fishing destination. Other native game fish are dorada, tuna and sailfish. Of these, the fishing season for dorada begins in May and lasts till the end of November. Fishing for striped marlin begins in November and lasts till the end of June of the next year. Being a tropical country, the fishing season is not interrupted by the onset of winters.

Another interesting thing about Cabo San Lucas sport fishing is that you can fish for the striped marlin in the waters right outside the Cabo San Lucas marina. Blues and sailfish are found in the submerged lakes on both sides � Pacific and Cortez. On the Pacific side, fishing is carried out on the Golden Gate and Jamie Banks. On the side of the Cortez, you can fish on the Gordo bank. Some very good online guides are available which give a good outline of the fishing action available in the area. Also the site provides an exhaustive listing of fishing boat charters, hotel accommodation, and license information, bait and tackle shops and the water sports offered by the area. There are numerous resorts in and around the Cabo San Lucas Area. They range from the budget hotels and beach shacks to the most luxurious hotels. It is a great place to soak up the sun, set a tan and get some prime sport fishing action. If you ever get tired of the fishing then you can explore the Mexican and Native culture showcased at Cabo San Lucas. So that is all about Cabo San Lucas sport fishing.

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