Monday, February 8, 2010

Brim Fish

The brim fish, also known as the blue gill and the copper nose may seem somewhat small when compared to other gaming fish, but dispel any doubts you have as to the worth of the brim as a genuine sporting fish. Once hooked, the blue gill can put up a fight to put a bass to shame. These brim fish usually do not grow to a large size; they are on an average about one quarter of a pound. If you catch a fish weighing about one pound that�s worth shouting about and if somehow the brim gods shine on you and allow you to catch that rarest of rare fish, the brim fish weighing more than a pound then you can go about bragging no holds barred. In fact, in those circumstances you are perfectly entitled to brag till the cows come home and even after.

The brim fish is originally found in Mississippi, the Great Lakes, Florida and New Jersey but the popularity of this game fish has led to its being introduced even in Europe and it is now one of the world famous fishes. The brim fish is a small fish, with a round compressed figure, it has varying colors, ranging from black, blue, sometimes it is also seen in lighter, opaque colors like yellow.

Bluegill or brim fish are great favorites of anglers who own their own ponds. They are an ideal fish to stock the pond up, but if their population is not checked by a proper number of bass to prey on them in the pond, the brim will multiply and exhaust the existence of every other creature in the pond. Bluegill generally bites on pretty much everything provided that your tackle is lightweight. On lightweight tackle the brim fish will bite on what you dangle or cast in fro of them, however, once the brim bites, that�s when the fun begins, this little guy can give you the fight of your life. While fishing for brim fish you should keep in mind that fishing for brim is actually a lot like fishing for bass but only in a smaller scale. Therefore, do not shy away from this pound sized warrior of the pond, lake and stream but go for it!

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