Monday, February 15, 2010

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Alaska Salmon fishing is very famous. It is gaining more and more popularity day by day. So let�s have a look at the various aspects of Alaska Salmon Fishing. The mere mention of Alaska brings to mind the pristine, untouched, un-spoilt beauty of nature. Alaska invokes so images of natural beauty and plenty regarding game fish that any avid angler would sit up straight and pay attention when faced with the prospect of taking a trip to Alaska to catch some trophy salmon. Salmon are marine fish that spawn in freshwater and catching them that is Alaska Salmon Fishing is a very interesting sport. They journey out to the ocean to spend most of their adult life and then return to the freshwater reserves to spawn. Anglers, professional fishermen, other fish, bears and other such predators often cut the hard journey short for them.

There are several varieties of Alaska Salmon Fishing. There is the Chinook salmon, that is called King Salmon by the Alaskans and appropriately so because of its size and weight, it is truly the king among the salmon. The season for Chinook salmon generally is during June to the end of July. The sheer strength of these fish strains even the most expert angler when it comes to battling the fish out of the water. Of all the salmon that fight their way back to their freshwater spawning grounds, the King salmon make up the smallest percentage of these fish. For most lodges and fishing resorts in Alaska catching one or two king salmon a day is a good day, besides every fishing lodge follows the catch and release practice to ensure that the older fish can carry forward their genetic codes by spawning again.

The second type of salmon is the Sockeye salmon or as the Alaskans calls it, the �Red� salmon. The average growing size for the red salmon is 4 to 8 pounds. The best season for fishing the red salmon is from the end of June to the end of July. The red salmon have the biggest run in the world. It is not strange to observe as many as 3000 to 4000 salmon swimming past cabins at fishing lodges. The Alaska Salmon Fishing requires a lot of brute force even. The red salmon is regarded to be the best tasting salmon anywhere. Although not a very aggressive fish, red salmon will put up a fight to be remembered when you try to bring it out of water, they will try to get away from you till the end, in the process making numerous spectacular leaps and jumps in and out of the water.

The third kind of salmon is the Coho salmon; the Alaskan name for this fish is the silver salmon. The best season to fish the silver salmon is from August to September. Many anglers agree upon the statement that the silver salmon is the most exciting and thrilling catch of all in the Alaskan salmon fishing. It is an intensely aggressive fish. When you cast out your lure, do not be surprised to see, two, three or even four silver salmon making their way to the lure. Once they bite, get ready for the most rigorous and tiring battle of your life because this fish will not let go easily. You can fish silver salmon using both conventional gear and fly-fishing techniques. If you are using conventional gear, you can fish from the bank and wade in or station yourself at the boat, either way, be prepared for the strike because it will be swift and furious. An average silver salmon can throw an angler completely off balance without the slightest notice so do take utmost care while going for Alaska Salmon Fishing.

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