Monday, February 15, 2010

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Alaska Salmon fishing is very famous. It is gaining more and more popularity day by day. So let�s have a look at the various aspects of Alaska Salmon Fishing. The mere mention of Alaska brings to mind the pristine, untouched, un-spoilt beauty of nature. Alaska invokes so images of natural beauty and plenty regarding game fish that any avid angler would sit up straight and pay attention when faced with the prospect of taking a trip to Alaska to catch some trophy salmon. Salmon are marine fish that spawn in freshwater and catching them that is Alaska Salmon Fishing is a very interesting sport. They journey out to the ocean to spend most of their adult life and then return to the freshwater reserves to spawn. Anglers, professional fishermen, other fish, bears and other such predators often cut the hard journey short for them.

There are several varieties of Alaska Salmon Fishing. There is the Chinook salmon, that is called King Salmon by the Alaskans and appropriately so because of its size and weight, it is truly the king among the salmon. The season for Chinook salmon generally is during June to the end of July. The sheer strength of these fish strains even the most expert angler when it comes to battling the fish out of the water. Of all the salmon that fight their way back to their freshwater spawning grounds, the King salmon make up the smallest percentage of these fish. For most lodges and fishing resorts in Alaska catching one or two king salmon a day is a good day, besides every fishing lodge follows the catch and release practice to ensure that the older fish can carry forward their genetic codes by spawning again.

The second type of salmon is the Sockeye salmon or as the Alaskans calls it, the �Red� salmon. The average growing size for the red salmon is 4 to 8 pounds. The best season for fishing the red salmon is from the end of June to the end of July. The red salmon have the biggest run in the world. It is not strange to observe as many as 3000 to 4000 salmon swimming past cabins at fishing lodges. The Alaska Salmon Fishing requires a lot of brute force even. The red salmon is regarded to be the best tasting salmon anywhere. Although not a very aggressive fish, red salmon will put up a fight to be remembered when you try to bring it out of water, they will try to get away from you till the end, in the process making numerous spectacular leaps and jumps in and out of the water.

The third kind of salmon is the Coho salmon; the Alaskan name for this fish is the silver salmon. The best season to fish the silver salmon is from August to September. Many anglers agree upon the statement that the silver salmon is the most exciting and thrilling catch of all in the Alaskan salmon fishing. It is an intensely aggressive fish. When you cast out your lure, do not be surprised to see, two, three or even four silver salmon making their way to the lure. Once they bite, get ready for the most rigorous and tiring battle of your life because this fish will not let go easily. You can fish silver salmon using both conventional gear and fly-fishing techniques. If you are using conventional gear, you can fish from the bank and wade in or station yourself at the boat, either way, be prepared for the strike because it will be swift and furious. An average silver salmon can throw an angler completely off balance without the slightest notice so do take utmost care while going for Alaska Salmon Fishing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Brim Fish

The brim fish, also known as the blue gill and the copper nose may seem somewhat small when compared to other gaming fish, but dispel any doubts you have as to the worth of the brim as a genuine sporting fish. Once hooked, the blue gill can put up a fight to put a bass to shame. These brim fish usually do not grow to a large size; they are on an average about one quarter of a pound. If you catch a fish weighing about one pound that�s worth shouting about and if somehow the brim gods shine on you and allow you to catch that rarest of rare fish, the brim fish weighing more than a pound then you can go about bragging no holds barred. In fact, in those circumstances you are perfectly entitled to brag till the cows come home and even after.

The brim fish is originally found in Mississippi, the Great Lakes, Florida and New Jersey but the popularity of this game fish has led to its being introduced even in Europe and it is now one of the world famous fishes. The brim fish is a small fish, with a round compressed figure, it has varying colors, ranging from black, blue, sometimes it is also seen in lighter, opaque colors like yellow.

Bluegill or brim fish are great favorites of anglers who own their own ponds. They are an ideal fish to stock the pond up, but if their population is not checked by a proper number of bass to prey on them in the pond, the brim will multiply and exhaust the existence of every other creature in the pond. Bluegill generally bites on pretty much everything provided that your tackle is lightweight. On lightweight tackle the brim fish will bite on what you dangle or cast in fro of them, however, once the brim bites, that�s when the fun begins, this little guy can give you the fight of your life. While fishing for brim fish you should keep in mind that fishing for brim is actually a lot like fishing for bass but only in a smaller scale. Therefore, do not shy away from this pound sized warrior of the pond, lake and stream but go for it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cabo San Lucas Sport Fishing

Ever heard of Cabo San Lucas sport fishing? What is it all about? Let us try to find more about Cabo San Lucas sport fishing. Cabo San Lucas is located in the Baja California Sur in Mexico. It is one of the best places in the world to carry out sport fishing. This tropical beach town has become a popular destination for sport fishing enthusiasts. When you are in Cabo San Lucas, you can soak up the unique Mexican Culture along with the other marine sports offered by the area. So the next time you are planning a sport fishing holiday just make sure that you plan Cabo San Lucas sport fishing.

Let�s find a bit more about Cabo San Lucas sport fishing. The game fish marlin is caught all the year round at Cabo San Lucas -another reason it is such a popular fishing destination. Other native game fish are dorada, tuna and sailfish. Of these, the fishing season for dorada begins in May and lasts till the end of November. Fishing for striped marlin begins in November and lasts till the end of June of the next year. Being a tropical country, the fishing season is not interrupted by the onset of winters.

Another interesting thing about Cabo San Lucas sport fishing is that you can fish for the striped marlin in the waters right outside the Cabo San Lucas marina. Blues and sailfish are found in the submerged lakes on both sides � Pacific and Cortez. On the Pacific side, fishing is carried out on the Golden Gate and Jamie Banks. On the side of the Cortez, you can fish on the Gordo bank. Some very good online guides are available which give a good outline of the fishing action available in the area. Also the site provides an exhaustive listing of fishing boat charters, hotel accommodation, and license information, bait and tackle shops and the water sports offered by the area. There are numerous resorts in and around the Cabo San Lucas Area. They range from the budget hotels and beach shacks to the most luxurious hotels. It is a great place to soak up the sun, set a tan and get some prime sport fishing action. If you ever get tired of the fishing then you can explore the Mexican and Native culture showcased at Cabo San Lucas. So that is all about Cabo San Lucas sport fishing.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fishing Lodge Canada

Fishing is one of the most popular pass time activities especially for people of those countries which are situated close to the shore. Canada is one country which is very popular for fishing lodge Canada. Fishing lodge Canada can be easily found and can easily be taken for rent. The fishing lodge Canada is available in many places, mainly ones which are very close to the sea.
The reason is because people from far and near come to these places especially for fishing and therefore they want some lodging place which is very close to the sea. In fishing season fishing lodge Canada makes good bucks. You should book a fishing lodge Canada sometime back before going to the place, since in the fishing season all fishing lodge Canada are full. These fishing lodges Canada are available in all ranges so that you can choose the one which suits your budget.
This fishing lodge Canada can also plan your trip in the best possible way so that you can enjoy it the most. There is mainly three seasons for fishing. Fishing for Chinook and Coho salmon starts from mid July and goes up to September. Heli fishing is available in September and October. While the wild steelhead fishes can be fished during April and May. The Chilko River offers great opportunities for fishing.
Fishing lodge Canada provides you with fine dining, modern accommodations, excellent service, professional Ontario fishing guides, and the finest in equipment. And the most important point is that these world class facilities are provided at very reasonable rates. The guides provided by fishing lodge Canada are of the highest quality and they have all the knowledge of the surrounding areas.
Some fishing lodges Canada also provides you with the facility of taking you to the fishing site, being with you during the fishing time and then takes you back to the lodge. This saves your time as well as energy. You should always make prior enquiry of fishing lodge Canada that are located close to the place where you are going for fishing. The fishing lodge Canada can be said as the best place to spend your holiday and relax.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fishing Hunting T-shirt

Fishing and hunting are becoming two of the main time passers for most of the western community. Therefore fishing hunting t shirt is really getting popular these days. Many companies have gone into this business of manufacturing fishing hunting t shirt exclusively. Fishing hunting t shirt is generally made of mixed cotton and polyester stuff so that you are always comfortable wearing them.

These fishing hunting t shirts are available in all sizes so that people of every age can wear them. Moreover these t shirts have funky quotes and humorous one liner that are sure to reflect your mood. There is a wide range available of fishing hunting t shirts and in lots of colors too. Fishing hunting t shirt are sure to add a zing factor to your usually long and tiring days at the beach.

Fishing hunting t shirt is available at most of the reputed retail outlets and malls so you don�t have to worry about where to get them. And especially if you are the type of people who like to relax more then you can just sit at home and order one of these fishing hunting t shirt over the internet. There are a lot of websites dedicated to fishing related apparel and stuff so you can do your research on them before buying the one you want.

Fishing hunting t shirts are also available in various colors. Females generally go for bright colors while the males prefer light colors. The white color is considered to be the standard one. These fishing hunting t shirts are available in different types such as round neck or collared neck. Both the varieties are equally popular with the people. The prices of these fishing hunting t shirts vary with the stuff. The branded ones are usually costlier but have the benefit of lasting long.

The comfort of the branded fishing hunting t shirts is just unmatchable. You should be also very careful while buying these branded fishing hunting t shirts as many duplicates are also available in the market on very cheaper prices. The cheaper version is of very low quality and is also very uncomfortable.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Catching Big Fish

Catching big fish is the dream of every fish angler. From the moment that any fish angler or enthusiast has seen a veteran swing a monster of a fish out of the water, the dream to fish a huge one like it becomes a cherished one. The attraction or the charm of catching a big fish has everything to do with size. Humans are inevitably fascinated with something larger and more powerful than themselves. Big game fish are usually containing both of these characteristics. Their sheer size, and the ferocity with which they battle they hook captivate us and we must find a fish larger and more ferocious than the last one. Let us find out more about catching big fish.

Unfortunately big game fish are not so easy to catch. One must be thoroughly professional and completely, insanely passionate about fishing. Mere knowledge for fishing isn�t enough. When angling for a huge fish, there are several things that have to be taken care of, including an instinct for fishing. The angler must realize and understand almost every recourse that a troubled fish can take when attempting to loose a predator. Although this instinct of catching big fish cannot be taught, skill and technique fortunately can.

An important value to ascertain before you head out on that fishing trip is to realize just which kind of fish angler you really are. Honestly assess your merits and demerits. If you aren�t a sufficiently skilled angler it may be a good idea to first improve your capability as an angler before you deck yourself with the latest and high tech equipment. Amateurs catching big game fish, while not impossible, are highly rare. Therefore it is better to have a seasoned angler accompany you on your trip, just in case. Make sure that the equipment you buy is good quality. It may be a little expensive but catching big fish needs strong rods, reels and tackle.

An important thing to remember is to comply by the laws of the state where you are fishing. It is a good idea to obtain your fishing license well n advance of leaving on your trip. While catching big fish comply with the regulations and only take back as many fish as are allowed by your license. Safety regulations should always be carefully understood and kept in mind while on your trip. In the end while catching big fish just remember to play safe and you will emerge as a winner.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Canadian Fishing Lodge

Canadian Fishing Lodges are one of the most comfortable places to be in when you are out on fishing in Canada. A typical canadian Fishing Lodge is famous for a lot of things. A Canadian fishing adventure is all about being in the lap of nature. You are in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and enjoying the pleasures of big game fishing. Of course, any fishing vacation in Canada cannot be complete without a stay at one of its legendary fishing lodges. Canadian fishing lodges boast of a long history � they date from the times of the first hunters and trappers. These days, a fishing lodge ease your way into a hassle-free fishing vacation.

So let�s know a bit more the a Canadian Fishing Lodge. Canada has one of the largest numbers of water bodies and National Parks in the world. As such, it�s a fertile land to look for big game fishing and hunting. The state of British Columbia is renowned for its salmon, steelhead, trout and Coho fishing. If it is the fighter monster pike you�re looking for, then towards northern Canada. This region is also famous for walleye, arctic char and Lake Trout fishing. Brook Trout is native to the states of Quebec and New-Foundland.

The fishing season begins in May and lasts till the end of September. The summers are the best to fish because both the weather conditions and water temperatures combine towards a good run of fishes. For the more hardy and adventurous, the winter months offer the joys of ice fishing after the frost sets in. A Canadian Fishing Lodge is amazing places to be.

The Canadian government lays heavy emphasis on conservation. Thus, most fishing lodges practice catch and release policies and actively promote eco-tourism. There is something available to suit every pocket � from the luxurious, exclusive 5-star resorts to remote, rustic fishing cabins. Canadian fishing lodges offer various kinds of fishing experiences � it could be a family vacation, a corporate conference or getaway or a remote wilderness fishing adventure. The diversity is immense.

If you are looking for non-fishing activities in addition to big game fishing then Canadian lodges will not disappoint you. You can choose from a canoeing or kayaking trip, wilderness and bird watching, hiking, golf, lazing on the beach � fishing lodges in Canada offer them all. Also, Canada is quite proud of its tag of being a family destination and most lodges offer play areas and children activities. So that is what we have about Canadian Fishing Lodges.