Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fishing in Sweden

Sweden is a country located in the northern most region of the European continent known as Scandinavia. The country is divided into two kinds of geographical features, the north of Sweden is mainly mountainous, covering approximately two-thirds of the country and the rest of the country is low lying where most of the country�s population resides. The country also has several large rivers, which flow in a southeastward direction, which include the Gotaalv, the Dalalven, and the Indalsalven among others. This is where fishing takes place in Sweden. Fishing in Sweden is a common practice and means of livelihood. Let�s take a closer look at this area of fishing in Sweden.

There are also a large number of lakes, which is where most of the fish of the country reside. Fishing in Sweden is a lesser-known sport but Sweden has the resources and the drive to become one of the top fishing destinations of the world. Sweden is about six times the size of England yet it has only about a sixth of its population. The pristine beauty of Sweden�s mountains, lakes and rivers are what attract fish anglers to come year after year to Sweden to fish.

The major attraction towards fishing in Sweden is of the wilderness fishing where an angler can lose himself in the scenic beauty and discover his own stretch, fishing without seeing another angler days or join one of the fishing camps along the mountains or in the lakes. Some of Sweden�s fishing is centered on the wilderness near the Arctic Sea. The game fish will actually be startled to see you as these pristine areas have never had humans set foot in them and even if they have, never to catch fish.

Sweden is rich in salmon; sea trout, char, pike and grayling and you can go on fishing as long as your strength holds since the sun does not set for 24 hours in Sweden during the months of June and July. Fishing in Sweden can be a real adventure because this is the pure wilderness, there are no roads to take you to the rivers, there are no shops, no bars, no supermarket, so be prepared to take leave of humanity for the time you spend with us. The fishing guide will be an English speaking friendly person who will accompany you to the best fishing places on the lake or river you wish to visit. So you can also go ahead and enjoy fishing in Sweden whether as a hobby or as a means of livelihood.

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