Monday, January 25, 2010

Fishing In The Dark

Fishing is emerging as one of he most popular past time especially in the countries that are situated close to the shore. These days fishing in the dark is really getting popular. For fishing in the dark people use boats to go in to the sea and then they use navigation lights for fishing in the dark. This is a very different and unique type of activity but people from all across the world are getting into it with high spirit and enthusiasm.
Fishing in the dark is not at all an easy activity and can be very dangerous at times. The reason is that there are many species of fishes that are nocturnal feeder and can give you a real bite in the dark of the night. To avoid you should always be careful while fishing in the dark and should also take precautions. Swordfish is one species of fishes that are highly dangerous for those fishing in the dark.
Various research and studies have shown that swordfish come up from the deeper depth during the night time to feed on squid and various other baitfishes. A good light is one which can penetrate to greater depths. It is been recommended that you carry a sword light while fishing in the dark. These lights also have another benefit; they attract baitfish and swordfishes so that you can easily do fishing in the dark.
You should also make sure while fishing in the dark that your boat lights are working properly. If they are not working properly than you should carry red or green glow stick as a backup. If you have inexperienced people on your boat then you should give them all glow sticks so that they doesn�t get lost and even if they get lost then it will be easier to find them.
You should also carry a radio check while going for fishing in the dark so that you can call for help in case of emergency. Kingfisher, snapper and various other baitfishes are the best ones for fishing in the dark. Fishing in the dark is a very good way to avoid the hot sun of the day.

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