Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fishing Feather River

The Feather River is a river 120 km long, it rises from the Sierra Nevada, goes north of Oroville, California and then south into the Sacramento River. And fishing feather has its own long history. During the middle of the 19th century, the Feather River was a rich source of gold. It remains to this day a river that is rich, however it is now famous not for gold but for fish, and fishing. Among the many species of fish found in the Feather River, the most abundant and most popular fish include the following. Steelheads are easily caught in the Feather River. So for learners as well as experts fishing in Feather River can be a great experience. Let us get to know a bit more about fishing Feather River.

They stay in this river all year round but the best season for catching steelhead is from October to March. The prime examples of bait to be used ca include salmon eggs, roe and night crawlers. Glo bugs work wonders for fly-fishermen who want to catch steel heads. The Thermalito Bay outlet is teeming with white and green sturgeon during years when the water level rises. Chinook fishing Feather River is also very successful during the months of May and June.

The number of good lodges for Fishing Feather River along the river's territory is a lot. There are many licensed and bonded fishing in the Feather River guides near the Feather River area. Fishing guides like this usually fish in the Sacramento River as well as the Feather River.

A convenient feature offered by most fishing guides is that all tackle, bait, equipment, cleaning and packaging services will be taken care of. The fishing guide also ensures that you do return from your fishing Feather River trip with something. You may not catch a monster sized, vicious game fish but at the very least you will be the proud possessor of a decently large game fish. On most trips organized by fishing guides, fishing instruction and guidance is usually given along with the package. Therefore, do not be surprised if the mate or the captain stops over while you�re angling out to water. They may be thinking about helping you out with a certain problem regarding the way you hold your rod or reels. So ease back and enjoy a holiday of almost unsurpassable relaxation. Fishing in Feather River can be fun and an adventure as well. Thats all about fishing feather river for the time being.

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