Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fish Trawler For Sale

Interested in Fish Trawler for Sale? Read on about what you should know about the Fish Trawler for Sale. The Dictionary meaning of a fish trawler is a vessel that drops a large net into the sea to catch fish. The net drags all along the sea floor and catch the fish that get trapped in it. Fish trawlers are used to when fishing for commercial purposes. Unlike recreational fishing, the intent and purpose here is to catch as many fish as possible. Which is why fish trawlers use these giant nets to snare as many fish as possible in one go. You will find many kinds of fish trawler on sale. The first kind of fish trawler is the beam trawler. The beam trawler employs outrigger booms. Double lines tow two trawls at the same time from each side.

This technique is extremely useful when fishing for shrimp in the wide rivers of the North American continent and useful for flatfish fisheries in the north seas. The usual equipment used on deck of such trawlers is the usual two outriggers used to tow two trawls to catch fish, among the other equipment on board are various fish finders, focused on searching for large schools of fish. Another kind of fish trawler for sale is the Otter trawler. The otter trawler is distinguished from other trawlers because of its unique design; the otter trawler tows two parallel trawls, one in midwater while the other drags along the bottom. The huge size allows a lot of fish detection equipment to be kept on board, such as fish finders, echo sounders and sonar.

Here�s some more about Fish Trawler for Sale. There is also the pair trawler; the working principle in this trawler is that there are two vessels that drag one trawl between them. Both the vessels have to sail keeping a specific distance between them, which opens the trawl. In the wet-fish trawler, the catch is kept in the hold in wet condition as it was in the sea. For health reasons, therefore this kind of trawler cannot be used too far from the port of destination and cannot stay out fishing for too long. These are just a few examples of the many kind of fish trawler on sale. When choosing the kind of trawler you require, you must review your needs and make a decision in accordance to your needs.

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