Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fish Pond Bridges

What are Fish Pond Bridges? You must have been one of these beautiful fish pond bridges in a garden. Let us know more about these wonderful beautiful fish pond bridges. Traditionally gardens have been places where humans have come to unwind, relax and enjoy a somewhat controlled beauty of nature. The concept of the garden itself rises from every human being�s desire to keep a little bit of the eternal beauty of nature for himself. Human beings are disturbed by the transience of their lives and therefore it is necessary for them to surround themselves with all that is beautiful in this world, even if in a small way, the garden represents Nature, and signifies a kind of omniscience over nature. Over the years, more and more garden designers based in the west have been adopting eastern designs of gardens, which introduce the idea of meditative spaces in gardens.

The primary influence in these designs is the Japanese garden that merges different forms of garden to create one garden as a whole that provides solace and calmness to the soul. The fishpond is another element of this kind of garden. Watching the lazy motions of the fish swimming in the pond soothe our nerves and drive stress away. The best way to observe the unconcerned motions of the fish in the pond, is by constructing fish pond bridges that goes across the pond. So that you can stand upon the fish pond bridge and look down at the fishpond and view its inhabitants easily.

These fish pond bridges should span the width of the pond but not be longer than the pond itself. Even the kind of material used to make your fish pond bridge depends upon what kind of garden you want. Wood gives a very soft, earthy feel to the bridge and is more in place across a fishpond rather than using metal. The shape given to these fish pond bridges are also important. If these fish pond bridges are shaped like a rainbow over the pond, then they accentuate the calm and serenity of the garden while signifying the quality of the garden to dispel worries by taking you to another place. The fish pond bridge that you choose to put over your fishpond should harmonize with the rest of the garden and most importantly with the pond itself.

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