Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fish Impingement

Fish impingement is becoming an area where increasingly new research is being done and it is becoming a issue to be taken seriously with the rise in demands for recreational beaches and demands that the country�s water systems be maintained clean and free from contamination. Impingement means encroaching or going beyond legal limits previously ascertained. Environmentalists have been warning of the consequences of fish impingement. Imbalance in the number of specific water creatures like fish in our lakes and rivers could spell major ecological disasters. There is a need to be mindful of whether fish are rapidly increasing in number in lakes and rivers.

Although this phenomena is highly pleasing for fish anglers and fishing enthusiasts, it could cause impediments in the life cycles of other, smaller water creatures like plankton which although are quite small, are essential to maintaining the ecological balance in water. Numerous companies have come forward offering solutions for the problem of fish impingement. They have developed products that will act as filters and keep fish out where they are not supposed to be in.

Fish impingement is a problem not just for humans but also for the fish themselves. Fish impingement makes building of power plants and such projects on rivers dangerous and incompatible unless the fish are diverted to a different route in the water. Industries require water at some point in their processing cycle, usually as a cooling agent, however when this same water is released back into the water stream, it is a lot hotter than what it was previously, which is a cause for great concern.

It is also problematic because in the process of taking great volumes of water for whatever purposes into the plant, certain aquatic beings like fish eggs and larvae may also be pulled into the current, causing great damage and fish mortality. Therefore it is necessary for institutions to come up with effective solutions to stop fish impingement. There are certain guidelines given to plants in order to stem the possibility of fish impingement like avoiding building plants upon rivers in areas that are inhabited by threatened or endangered species. This basic step will help in avoiding a situation where large numbers of fish and other water creatures are adversely affected by the presence of a power plant in their habitat.

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