Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fall Bass Fishing

It has been said enough times that the best season of fall bass fishing is the summer however, depending upon the skill and patience of the fish angler, bass fishing can well be turned into a year round sport. During the summers, fall bass fishing is recommended because bass are usually in the freshwater lakes and streams they inhabit if they are freshwater bass, and in The Great Lakes if the seawater bass. Let us know a bit more about fall bass fishing.

Many anglers also name the fall season right before winter kicks in as their favorite season for fall bass fishing. Many reasons have been given for this statement, such as with the water temperature going down there is more oxygen in the water. At this time of the year more than any other, bass increasing show a tendency to school together. Bass are also willing to strike at any bait or lure thrown to them at this time of the year.

Using this information, there are certain things you need to find out when setting out for fall bass fishing, like the temperature of the water, where the forage in the water is located, where does deep water meet shallow water and if there is any kind of plant life in the water. When the water temperature cools then the greater amount of oxygen in the water makes the bass more active. The availability of forage will increase its appetite to consume it in which case you can cast lures that resemble the forage in the water. Bass always stay close to the deeper side of the water when it meets shallow waters because the deeper waters have a more constant temperature, the bass will move towards the constant temperature that is move towards the deeper waters.

Fall bass fishing can be very gratifying, even more so than the spring-summer rush. The bigger a bass is more it has to feed to sustain itself through the winter months and the more it feeds the more it increases its chances of getting caught by the lure of an angler. It is proved that bass will strike almost any bait or lure thrown out to them during the fall season. Anglers have been known to catch close to 20 and 30 bass from one spot in a creek during the fall season, so grab your fishing rods and for fall bass fishing!

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