Friday, January 1, 2010

Daiwa Beefstick Saltwater Fishing Rods

As a mode of survival or as a recreational activity, fishing is one of the activities that have captured human imagination like very few others. As an ancient tradition, the techniques however have undergone huge technological changes. Fishing rods especially have lately become a show of technological improvements more than just poles to bait and reel in fish. Daiwa beefstick saltwater fishing rods are considered to be the best fishing rods in the world subtly combining some of the strongest rods with a very exciting and attractive finish, which makes owning own a Daiwa beefstick saltwater fishing rod pleasure for a lifetime.

Daiwa beefstick saltwater fishing rods are amongst the toughest fishing rods in the world. Daiwa beefstick saltwater fishing rods are virtually impossible to crush or to break. It has a solid fiberglass blank that can withstand heavy pressure. With heavy-framed, fully chromed stainless steel guides it is further toughened by the use of double thread wrap on each foot. The reel seat is light but extremely sturdy. Accessories that make this a complete package include non-slip EVA grips that do not slip easily of the hands, comfortable �crotch tip� rubber butt-caps for the users pleasure and attractive diamond thread wraps.

Daiwa beefstick saltwater fishing rods are ultra-sturdy yet have a very fine diameter. This is made possible by the fact that these rods are the result of Daiwa�s Glatech construction. A revolutionary new way of making sturdy rods, the outer layers of the blanks are made up of rugged fiberglass; however the interior layers are made up of powerful and sturdy graphite. This combines to make up a thick-walled blank that has amazing resistance to pressure, is super-strong and gives amazing durability.

The dual-cut and exposed-blank reel seat on the casting models of Daiwa beefstick saltwater fishing rods makes sure that the fingers stay in direct contact with the sensitive blank. The forearm grip is made up of durable high-density foam that is also very comfortable to feel. All these features combine to make Daiwa beefstick saltwater fishing rods a pleasure to own. These rods can be purchased from licensed dealers or can be ordered online.

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