Saturday, January 30, 2010

Canada Northern Pike Fishing

Let us to attempt to know more about Canada Northern Pike Fishing. The scientific name for the Pike fish is Esox Lucius. The pike is the common name for the fish family Esocidae. It is a freshwater fish. They can be found in the lakes of Northern America. The Pike fish belong to a group of long thin fishes, other members are: the Muskellunge and the Pickerel. They all have similar features such as formidable teeth, large anal fins, long narrow jaws, and spineless dorsal fins. Except at spawning time, muskellunges are largely carnivorous and predatory. They feed on frogs, snakes, small fish, and the young of fish and waterfowl. Let us get into a few more details about Canada Northern pike fishing.

The American northern pike also called jackfish in Canada lurks in murky waters seeking to take its prey by surprise. It is not uncommon for the northern pike to consume more than one fifth of its weight everyday. Although they are generally regarded as sporting game fish, they can become a nuisance for other game fish residing in the same waters, because their predatory nature does not stop them from preying on other game fish as well. The Pike fish are usually greenish gray in color, with spots. They are popular game fish, and will put up a spectacular fight when caught. Canada northern pike fishing can be fun and assures a lot of great time.

Canada has unlimited possibilities for Canada northern pike fishing. Pike are usually caught by fly-fishing, as most fly fishers usually fish for trout or bass in freshwater and for tarpon and permit in salt water. Fly-fishing for pike, especially in Canada can be a truly mind blowing experience. The clean, serene, crisp air engulfing you and taking away all the stress you never knew you could accumulate.

Then suddenly it happens, you feel a tug on your tackle and you�re ready to go! Canada is home to many Canada Northern Pike Fishing lodges and resorts that have it all, charter boats, weedy river beds, streams, small bays and best of all plenty of huge northern pike. There are many lodges that provide not only tackle, equipment and bait but also provide you with the comfort of renting out your own boat if you wish or you join the fishing groups on a charter boat. Lodges like Silsby Lake and Cuddle Lake offer guides, fine dining and many more facilities to make your Canada Northern Pike Fishing trip memorable.

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  1. For the fly-fisherman interested in a World-class trophy pike fishing experience, I've arranged a "fly-fishing week" at Treeline Lodge, Nueltin Lake, in far-north Manitoba, departing Winnipeg on August 28, 2010.

    The trip includes everything (all meals guides, boats, taxes, flight to lodge from Winnipeg, etc.) from Winnipeg, including an open bar every evening. Your only other expense would be round trip air fare to Winnipeg (YWG), and 1 night hotel on August 27...usually about $100 per room, shared by 2, if you bring a buddy. The cost is $4,795, + any incidentals you may buy at the lodge. You'll get a free copy of my book, "Toothy Critters Love Flies," with your deposit, and I'll be there, going over techniques for taking big fish, and tying my favorite pike flies. You can see more about me and the book at: PikeFlyGuy(dot)com, or contact me at; pikeflyguy(at)aol(dot)com.

    It's not cheap, but 20 pound pike are a daily opportunity, and there is a real chance to take 30 pound pike and big lakers (which are storming the shallows at this time, fattening up for the Winter), plus the fun of Arctic Grayling on light rods. You can look at their site at; www(dot)nueltin(dot)com, and click on Treeline Lodge.