Friday, December 18, 2009

Canadian Northern Pike Fishing

Canada is world famous for the Canadian northern pike fishing available in the country. The fish is known as the alligator of the north. Fishing for the huge northern pike in the pristine wilderness of Canada is experience in itself. Canadian northern pike fishing is an adventure to be enjoyed with the whole family. The best regions in Canada to go out for northern pike fishing are Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan. They offer the best runs for the northern pike. Northern is quite easy to catch. It has a predatory nature so it immediately attacks any foreign body near, including lures and bait. This fish puts up a good fight once hooked. It leaps or will thrash and surface in the water, followed by successive attempts to run.

The season for the Canadian northern pike fishing begins in May and continues till the end of September. This is the best time as the weather and water conditions are both optimum for fish runs. It is a good idea to hire a guide when fishing in the waters of Canada. The local guides are experienced and usually know the area like the back of their hand. They will take you to the areas where they now the fish will bite the most. A good guide can lead to a hassle free ay of fishing.

You can also hire charter boats to fish for Canadian northern pike fishing. The fishing boat captain should be licensed and registered with local authorities. The boat comes equipped with everything you will need on your fishing trip, like safety and first-aid kits, fishing equipment, bait and tackle. For an amateur angler, the boat captain can also provide for fishing lessons while he can guide the more experienced fish anglers to places where the pike put up a really good fight.

A Canadian northern pike fishing trip cannot be complete without a stay in one of its famous fishing lodges. Accommodations range from the luxurious to vacation resorts to the more humble and intimate bed and breakfasts or cottages. You can also hire a fishing cabin for a more secluded atmosphere. If you get tired of fishing for pike in the waters of the Canada, then you can have the options of going for non fishing activities like canoeing, wilderness and bird watching and hunting in remote northern Canada. A Canadian northern pike fishing adventure is also ideal for corporate conferencing or a family vacation.

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