Sunday, December 13, 2009

Canadian Fishing Lodges

Here we present to you a lot of information about the Canadian Fishing Lodges. This shall be of great help incase you are planning a vacation and want to spend sometime in these famous Canadian fishing Lodges. A Canadian fishing adventure is all about being in the lap of nature. You are in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and enjoying the pleasures of big game fishing. Of course, any fishing vacation in Canada cannot be complete without a stay at one of its legendary fishing lodges. Canadian fishing lodges boast of a long history � they date from the times of the first hunters and trappers. These days, Canadian fishing lodges ease your way into a hassle-free fishing vacation.

Canada has one of the largest numbers of water bodies and National Parks in the world. As such, it�s a fertile land to look for big game fishing and hunting. The state of British Columbia is renowned for its salmon, steelhead, trout and Coho fishing. If it is the fighter monster pike you�re looking for, then towards northern Canada. This region is also famous for walleye, arctic char and Lake Trout fishing. Brook Trout is native to the states of Quebec and New Foundland. So that is what makes Canada unique and famous. And this is where Canadian Fishing Lodges also come into play.

The fishing season begins in May and lasts till the end of September. The summers are the best to fish because both the weather conditions and water temperatures combine towards a good run of fishes. For the more hardy and adventurous, the winter months offer the joys of ice fishing after the frost sets in. Without the Canadian fishing Lodges, fishing in Canada would have been a lot more difficult.

The Canadian government lays heavy emphasis on conservation. Thus, most Canadian fishing lodges practice catch and release policies and actively promote eco-tourism. There is something available to suit every pocket � from the luxurious, exclusive 5-star resorts to remote, rustic fishing cabins. Canadian fishing lodges offer various kinds of fishing experiences � it could be a family vacation, a corporate conference or getaway or a remote wilderness fishing adventure. The diversity is immense.

If you are looking for non-fishing activities in addition to big game fishing then even Canadian fishing lodges will not disappoint you. You can choose from a canoeing or kayaking trip, wilderness and bird watching, hiking, golf, lazing on the beach � fishing lodges in Canada offer them all. Also, Canada is quite proud of its tag of being a family destination and most lodges offer play areas and children activities. So, these are the amazing Canadian Fishing lodges.

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