Saturday, December 12, 2009

Canada Lake Trout Fishing

Let�s today know more about Canada Lake Trout Fishing. What we usually call trout, are actually members of the family salmonidae. A sub section or genus of this species is called the Cristivomer containing one species known as the common lake trout and one subspecies known as the fat trout or the siscowet. These fish are deepwater dwellers of North American lakes, and hence Canada Lake Trout Fishing is a popular sport of the people there. They are sluggish, slow moving, and a lot less migratory than the other fish in the Salmonidae family. Lake trout are not the fish that will leap out of the water when they caught, instead they will remain at the bottom of the lake and put up a strong fight, making the task of Canada Lake Trout Fishing bit challenging. They are usually caught with trolling spoons or minnow plugs on line rigs. You can also catch lake trout by bottom fishing with chopped fish. However it is a lot harder to catch siscowet because they live in the extreme depths of the lake.

Trout need water that is cold, clear, clean and rich in oxygen. They live in depths of around 50 feet to 60 feet, during springtime they usually come up to depths of about 20 feet. The siscowet or fat trout live at depths of 330 feet to 440 feet but they have been known to descend to depths of even 600 feet. These conditions are easily found in Canada and that�s why Canada Lake Trout Fishing is so famous.

Here is a bit more about Canada Lake Trout Fishing and trout in general. Lake trout generally eat smaller fish like cisco, smelt and other small fish. In some lakes, when they do not get small fish to prey upon, trout eat plankton, insects and crustaceans. But in doing they do not grow to the size that trout in fish eating areas do; they remain smaller because of the gap in their diets. Trout are very slow growing fish. They do not grow fast; in fact a fish may grow to be about 2 pounds in fifteen years. They live for very long; some lake trout live to be almost 40 years old. The record for the Canada Lake Trout Fishing is a lake trout caught at Saskatchewan in Lake Athabasca, which weighed 102 pounds in 1961. The ideal way to catch lake trout is to go for a fly-in fishing trip. These fish live in the remote wilderness, in the cold northern lakes, so the best way to ensure you catch some good lake trout is to hire a plan that will set you down on a lake deep in the wilderness.

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