Thursday, December 10, 2009

Canada Fishing Lodge

Canada Fishing Lodges are very comfortable places to spend your time during your vacation. Let�s have a much closer look at the Canada based Fishing Lodges. Canada has an astoundingly breathtaking geography. It is a beautiful land sometimes captivating through its beauty and sometimes ravaging through its cold weather and it has a passion for fishing, which is reflected in the numerous Canadian fishing lodges dotting the lakes and rivers. Canada has a very irregular coastline. It has Hudson Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the east and the Inside passage extending on the entire west coast. The straits between the snow-covered islands of N Canada are ice clogged; they form the Northwest Passage.

All of Canada was completed covered by a continental ice sheets that ridged into and scoured all the land, creating depressions and irregularities, after the ice age, the land was covered with glacial drift, landmasses formed by soil and ice deposits, and innumerable lakes, rivers and streams. These make Canada a prime fishing location and so is the importance of a Canada Fishing Lodge. Apart from the Great Lakes, which are only partly in the country, the largest lakes of the North American continent, lakes such as�Great Bear, Great Slave, and Winnipeg�are entirely in Canada. The St. Lawrence is the chief river of E Canada. The central part of Canada is drained by Saskatchewan, Nelson, Churchill, and Mackenzie River systems, while the Columbia, Fraser, and Yukon Rivers drain the western regions of Canada.

By virtue of having so many large and formidable freshwater bodies in the country, the options offered by Canada for fishing trips and holidays are very promising. Fishing is a very popular sport and recreational pastime and people of all ages indulge in it. Canada boasts of a very extensive and elaborate system of fishing lodges. Canada Fishing Lodges offer instruction, equipment and recreation. Visitors can also obtain licenses and instruction from guides at the fishing lodge. Even if you have never fished before, a trip to a fishing lodge can change all that. Canada fishing lodges are situated on the shores of every major fishing destination; they are present on all the Great lakes and other great water bodies in Canada. Fishing leagues and groups organize tournaments. The race to catch the biggest and meanest fish is organized annually during fishing season. Visitors can register and participate and compete against the best fish anglers in the world.

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