Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Canada Bass Fishing

Going to Canada is a memorable experience during anytime but going to Canada exclusively for Canada bass fishing has its own irresistible charm that can only be partially measured by looking at pictures of Canada bass fishing trips, including the scenic lakes, rivers and streams, the lakeside cabins, the game fish, the occasional sighting of a bear or caribou, and best of all the happy faces looking up from the catch of the day. The memories of a successful Canada bass fishing trip to Canada are conjured up every time you see a game fish or your fishing equipment. The clear skies, clean water and serene atmosphere of Canada add up to the allure of the fishing.

Among the prime locations in Canada to Canada Bass fishing is Lake Obabika which stocks small mouth bass, perch, lake trout, white fish and northern pike, Clearwater Lake with small mouth bass and lake trout, Upper Bass Lake with small mouth bass, lake trout and northern pike, Wawiagama Lake with small mouth bass, Lake trout and northern pike, Bass Lake with small mouth bass and pike and also Sarah Lake with small mouth bass and speckled trout.

When heading out to fish for bass, you should make sure that all your gear is with you and that it is well organized in a manner that you can find everything you need when you need it. The only way to keep your gear and Canada bass fishing accessories ready at hand is to be extremely careful when packing your gear for the angling. Tackle and bait should be carefully separated and stored in different pockets, so there is no confusion when you are digging through your pockets for a fly and end up fishing out a worm.

Once you are confident that your gear is settled and organized, concentrate on having a good spell of Canada bass fishing and catching some good ones. The best way to catch bass is to know how to predict their location. Although small mouth bass are difficult to track down, it can be done. Small mouths generally travel in schools and are found 10 to 15 feet lower than schools of baitfish. They will be swimming around current breaks near deep holes, bends and channels in the river. The ideal point to be positioned to catch small mouth bass is preferably a gravelly, sandy patch that stretches into the water with one edge of the bank steeper than the rest; this is where the small mouth waits in ambush. Prepare your fly and get ready for Canada bass fishing!

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