Monday, November 30, 2009

Wyoming Game and Fish

Let us start the discussions about Wyoming Game and Fish. The state of Wyoming is popularly known as the �cowboy state�. Nestled in the Rockies, it�s also famous for its big game hunting and fishing. It is one of the few states where game hunting and fishing is a privilege granted by state law. Some people also claim that Wyoming is a fisherman�s paradise. One of the unique features of hunting in the state is that Wyoming allows for archery hunting along with regular hunting. Of course you have to buy a separate archery-hunting license for the particular game of your choice. So let us start this topic about Wyoming Game and Fish.

The state boasts of being the home of the largest antelope population in the country. Wyoming has designated specific areas for hunting. You can only hunt game in these areas, in certain months of the year. Antelope season generally starts in September and ends in late October. August and September constitute the season for archery hunting. Wyoming is also the home of the world�s largest singleelk herd. The archery-hunting season for Wyoming game and Fish is September. Regular hunting is allowed in October and November.

While every county cam boasts of the presence of mule deer, white tailed deer are native to the Black Hills area (archery season-September, regular hunting allowed in October and November). One of the most popular big game animals of Wyoming is the moose. Wyoming Game and Fish is also very famous. They are found in the northwestern parts of the state. However, keep in mind that hunting of a cow moose with calf at its side is strictly prohibited (archery season-September, Regular hunting-September and October).

The northwestern portions of the state also play host to a small herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. Bear freely roam in the Yellowstone National Park, though hunting is not allowed in the Park. Wild and waterfowl hunting too is part of the game industry. Pheasants, Hungarian partridge, wild turkeys, sage grouse are widely distributed. Geese and ducks too are popular game. Wyoming Game and Fish is really gaining a lot of popularity nowadays.

The state of Wyoming is home to 22 species famous for the Wyoming game and fish. Its clear and clod water bodies are ideal for flourishing of trout. Warm water lakes provide favorable habitat to channel catfish, bass, sanger, stone cat, arctic grayling and burbot. Hunting enthusiasts should remember that Wyoming game and fish are subject to different license fees from residents and non-residents. Wyoming is a state that firmly believes in the conservation of its resources. Thus, big game hunting and fishing is heavily regulated here.

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