Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wellcraft Fisherman

The Wellcraft brand in the boat-building industry has stood for top quality, stable fishing and sport boats. In the last 5 decades they have built up a solid reputation in the industry for their well-crafted fishing boats. The Wellcraft Fisherman series of the company features high performance offshore fishing boats. Described as an angler�s dream, the Wellcraft Fisherman is a must for the serious fisherman.

Wellcraft is a subsidiary of Genmar Industries. They offer center console boats in the 18 to 36 feet length range. The company manufactures both sport style and flybridge fishing boats. The company has five product lines � the Coastal offers big luxury, deep-sea fishing boats. The Sportsman series is a family activity as well as a fishing boat. The Tournament showcases a professional machine made for the rigors of competition. Those who want a boat for shallow waters and inshore fishing should look towards the Bay series. Wellcraft fisherman is not something you would want to miss.

However for the expert angler no other boat could satisfy but Wellcraft�s Fisherman product line. It comes equipped with every possible fishing amenity that an angler should expect from his boat, combining it with the height of luxury.

A wellcraft Fisherman comes outfitted with fish boxes, gunwale rod storage, rod holders, casting platform along with a baitwell and transom storage boxes � and these are just the standard specifications. The largest model of the series is the 252 Fisherman � the �angler�s dream� as the company describes it. The 232 is an extremely stable boat which gives you the ride of a dry �big boat�.

Wellcraft�s 212 Fisherman is a versatile boat which handles equally well in the deep sea as well as shallow backwaters. If you are looking for a fast and light boat then the 180 Fisherman is for you. Though very quick, it is still highly maneuverable. It is a small boat, ideal for light tackle fishing.

All these boats come with numerous options and can be engineered to your specific needs. A visit to the Wellcraft Fisherman website is a must for all boat enthusiasts - It is an extremely resource filled site with a gallery of the Wellcraft Fisherman photographs. It also features links to your local Wellcraft dealers and the company�s own accessories and apparel store.

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