Friday, November 27, 2009

Walleye Fishing In Manitoba

Walleye fishing in Manitoba is very famous. Let us see what makes it so famous. Manitoba is a veritable paradise for anglers and all those who have even the remotest interest in fishing and aquatic life. The region of Manitoba is one of the beautiful and also one of the richest in various aquatic creatures. The environs of Manitoba are ideally suited to fishing, which is after all a sport designed to help the person who participates to relax and unwind, the air is crisp, the water clean and clear and the land is preserved in its pristine wilderness. Nothing has changed in the Manitoba wilderness in hundreds of years. There are places and spots where you can be guaranteed no human has ever set foot leave alone fished. Walleye fishing in Manitoba can be exhilarating and the experience of a lifetime.

Walleye are generally very elusive fish and like to keep out of sight. They get spooked easily therefore it is necessary that you proceed with the utmost of caution when trying to catch a big one among these fish. Walleye like to stay in the cold, dark waters at the bottom of the lake or river where they are residing. And that makes Walleye fishing in Manitoba quite feasible. They are not like other species of sporting fish that will aggressively show off their strength and come up to the angler, teasing and daring him to cast his line and try to catch them if he can.

Here is a bit more about Walleye fishing in Manitoba. Walleye are perfectly happy staying at the bottom of the water occasionally coming up to the shallower waters of the lake and river to prey upon small crayfish and plankton. It is at this time that you must pay attention and make sure that your cast falls directly in front the walleye so it has enough time to think and firmly bite your lure at which point, hold on and with everything you have, try to bring the fish in. Walleye may be sluggish during summer months and may not move very quickly but when caught in a corner, these supposedly sluggish fish will surprise you the amount of fight in them to stave off captivity. The best time to fish for walleye is actually the winter months when they are completely in their element and willing to bite at any lure or jig you throw their way. Walleye fishing in Manitoba is as good as it gets.

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