Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tropical Fish Index

What is Tropical Fish index? Tropical fish are a beautiful example of the immense wonder of the aquatic life on this planet. When thinking about tropical fish our minds are immediately transported to visions of brilliant, sapphire blue waters where the tropical fish swim around like so many specks of vivacious, vibrant color in a sea of blue, black, and green. The purpose for setting up a tropical fish index is primarily to help fish aficionados to learn more about their favorite kind of tropical fish and also to learn about new kinds of species of tropical fish.

Many of us are unfamiliar with the species of tropical fish that we may keep in aquariums at home and other tropical fish that are usually better off in their natural habitat. And this is where Tropical Fish index comes into play. Although, all tropical fish would most definitely be much happier in their natural, true habitat however there can be no contest that some fish adapt more easily to the adjustment of an aquarium then other species of fish.

A tropical fish index is helpful when it comes to determining which of those species are able to adapt themselves to life inside an aquarium. The tropical fish index notes down every thing particular about the fish such as, size, length, physical characteristics, distinguishing qualities, feeding habits and whims, sex, spawning frequency and lifespan. Also the index also helps maintain a record about certain characteristics of fish that are unknown to most people.

Tropical Fish index helps is more than one ways. Like the silver arowana is an extremely jumpy fish; it is restless and very energetic. It jumps for food for makes it very important for us to know that we must keep the aquarium containing the silver arowana covered at all times and even weighed down because it is not uncommon for the silver arowana to jump straight out of the fish aquarium and land on the floor. The tropical fish index also helps out in differentiating between freshwater tropical fish and saltwater tropical fish and it would not do at all to keep both these fish in the same aquarium as their life patterns would scarcely match causing disharmony and distress. So that is how we can all benefit from Tropical Fish index.

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