Friday, November 20, 2009

Star Fish Facts

Starfish has always been a very fascinating animal. Let us try to know some star fish facts. These are some very interesting star fish facts. The starfish is a fish that is shaped like a rudimentary star, that�s simple enough right? It has five arms called rays. The starfish is part of the starfish group known as the echinodermata, or spiky skinned. The interesting thing about the starfish is that if any one of the rays or arms of the starfish is lost during a conflict or some other such mishap then it grows back on its own accord. The starfish is one of the most interesting creatures that are found in the ocean. They are not contained to any single ocean. Star fish are found in every ocean of the world. Another of the Star fish facts is that they grow to be different sizes; their size depends upon the kind of starfish they are. They have no toes, just the soles on their arms that they wiggle to move around in the ocean. When they move on the ocean floor, it is known as migrating. The starfish are found in many colors like pink, red, yellow, and violet.

The biggest starfish is called the Solaster, or the sunstar. Etymologically, the word Solaster means sunstar, Sol (sun) and Aster (star). There are some very interesting star fish facts. One of them is that the starfish is not a fish at all. The starfish can also reproduce itself absolutely asexually. Another amazing starfish fact is that if the starfish were to be cut accidentally into five different pieces then each piece would reproduce itself as a new starfish independently. The starfish generally prefer to eat clams, oysters and mussels. Young starfish are extremely hungry all the time and they can eat up to thirty five to forty mussels a day. But as the starfish grow older, they lose their appetite and are content with even five or ten mussels a day.

Here are some more interesting star fish facts are mentioned below. The starfish pulls the mussel very close to itself. It then climbs onto the mussels and pulls the shell apart with its arms and sucks up the mussel�s soft insides. But the starfish is a voracious predator that eats whatever it can catch and smother. It has been known to attack fish in nets. Of other interesting star fish facts this one is also very amazing, that they cannot hear. They have no eyes, or ears or even a mouth. When starfish have to eat, they turn their stomach out.

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