Monday, November 23, 2009

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish Song

So long and Thanks for all the fish song, the first you hear these words, something snaps and you begin to wonder, what on earth are they talking about? What can so long and Thanks for all the fish song possibly mean? This is a perfectly normal, red-blooded answer to a question that will probably plague you for the rest of your life if you read Douglas Adams� Hitchhiker�s Guide to the Galaxy. The book is a pioneering work of science fiction that does away with all previously known concepts of science fiction. It ignores and subverts certain parameters that had become the norm for any science fiction novel and what is the final product of this irreverent, absolutely unnerving line of thought shakes up the foundations of human arrogance and self absorption in relation to everything and anything around us. And this where these words so long and Thanks for all the fish song comes from.

Humans have always had this unquestioned and unreasoned belief that they exist at the centre of the universe and the universe exists for them. This belief has roots in religion, in spirituality and almost in every organized structure of human thought. The utter disregard and complete contempt shown by humans to other species and life systems on this planet are exposed in a way that it goes beyond the routine appeal of activists� to conserve water. The Hitchhiker�s Guide shows what no number of activists can or will for that matter. The guide exposes the complete insignificance of humans within the scope of larger and greater things including the words to the so long and Thanks for all the fish song.

In the book, the earth is destroyed because it stands in the way of constructing an hyperspace bypass, a kind of highway through space and it is going to be destroyed upon which the dolphins, the creatures who subtly control life and power on planet Earth decide to leave. So long and thanks for all the fish song is sung by the dolphins who want to tell the humans that their time on the planet is over, destruction is at hand and they, the most intelligent species on the planet must leave. The worth of the humans is constantly devalued and human achievement is acknowledged as being only limited to not knowing a single thing about the true nature of the galaxy. The dolphins have enjoyed the fish and the sights of Earth and now they must go, it is nothing to feel sorry or betrayed about, it is only a mere rock in a single system of planets, cutting through the core belief that binds human thought together, that humans are special, made by a supreme being. So that�s the end to the mystery behind the so long and Thanks for all the fish song.

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