Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saskatchewan Fishing Lodge

The Saskatchewan Province of Canada is home to almost 100,000 lakes and rivers. Its crystal clear waters play host to numerous varieties of fish. The most common fishes found here are freshwater northern pike, walleye, trophy lake trout and the arctic grayling. Truly integral to a fishing experience is a stay at one of Saskatchewan�s famous fishing lodges. What distinguishes Saskatchewan from other fishing provinces is its sheer unclutteredness. So a stay at any of the secluded Saskatchewan fishing lodges is made truly memorable.

Another distinctive feature of Saskatchewan�s fishing lodges is that they offer a range of non-fishing activities. This is truly untouched, unspoiled country. In fact Saskatchewan is extremely proud of it being one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. While numerous lakes add to a superior fishing experience, Saskatchewan fishing lodges are not backward in offering quality accommodation. Not only do you have the choice of a range of affordable resorts to choose from, you can also choose from different �kinds� of fishing experiences.

A luxurious five-star resort, camping on remote islands, outpost fishing camps (secluded fly fishing arranged for smaller groups), modern cabins and corporate excursions-visitors are spoiled for choice. Most Saskatchewan fishing lodges in the Saskatchewan province offer the services of an experienced guide along with fishing equipment, meals (especially to look out for are the shore lunches where the guides cook the fish caught by you), bait and tackle. The resorts offer such varied lodging facilities as handicap units, a �cabin in the trees� or a modern hotel room.

Although the fishing is truly spectacular in Saskatchewan, you can always opt for other wilderness activities arranged by the Saskatchewan fishing lodges. Golf, cross-country skiing and ice-skating are highlights of Southern Saskatchewan. The Northern regions offer canoeing and guided snowmobile tours. For the hunters, exclusive bear hunts can be arranged.

Saskatchewan fishing lodges pride themselves on their friendly atmosphere. They work hard to make your vacation successful-whether it�s a family party or corporate conference or a harried city dweller looking for solitude. You can laze around the private beaches of Saskatchewan fishing lodges in Southern Saskatchewan, explore local wilderness by a boat or canoe in the Central areas and those ready to brave the frozen North provinces are rewarded by a truly secluded fishing experience.

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