Sunday, November 8, 2009

Salmon Fishing Alaska

Alaska is the northernmost and one of the most isolated states in the USA. While its frigid temperatures may not be conducive to human habitation, they are ideal for salmon runs. Salmon fishing in Alaska, both of the sport and commercial varieties, these feisty and acrobatic fish are eagerly sought by fly fishers and a host of resorts have mushroomed to cater to the needs of the fisherman interested in Alaskan salmon fishing. Lets find out a little bit more about salmon fishing Alaska.

The season begins mid-May and lasts till the end of August. Salmon fishing Alaska is popular for both the saltwater and freshwater varieties. While huge, commercial boats trawl the pacific for Salmon, freshwater fishing can be found in the Kenai and Kasilof rivers. Other popular hunting grounds are Cook Inlet, Resurrection Bay and Kachemak Bay, Seward. The most popular varieties for fishing are the big King Salmon and Silver Salmon. Pink Salmon is mainly commercially farmed.

A license is required to legally do salmon fishing in Alaska. It can be bought over the Internet from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at The Chinook Salmon (The state fish of Alaska) is fished in the Southeast and Cook Inlet areas. It is found in both salt and freshwater. The Coho or Silver Salmon is a saltwater fish. Its fished from the Southeast to Point Hope on the Chukchi Sea. It also travels up the Yukon River up to the Alaska-Yukon border. But undoubtedly, the biggest prize of Alaskan game Salmon fishing is the trophy King Salmon. They are plentiful in the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. The need for experienced guides cannot be stressed too much. They know the area and the best hunting grounds for the fish. Most resorts list the services of a state certified guide as part of their facilities.

Also, a range of accommodation is available to satisfy even the most fastidious of fishermen. You can choose from cabins, lodge-style accommodation, lakefront camps and cabins to the most luxurious resorts. However, integral to the experience is a Salmon fishing Alaska charter. Those charter companies provide equipment proper marine attire, boats, guides, gas and a truly unforgettable experience in the water of Alaska. If you ever get tired of Salmon fishing in Alaska you can always turn to whale watching in the Kenai. Alaska is also home to numerous wildlife such as sea Lions, moose and of course, bears. Truly unique to Alaska are glacier cruises. But it�s the friendly locals who make a Salmon fishing in Alaska truly memorable.

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