Monday, November 16, 2009

Pirana Fish

Also known as �the wolf of the water�, Pirana fishes are categorized among the legendary sea creatures. Popular for their ferocity, Pirana Fishes do not give a second chance to their prey to escape. With their razor sharp teeth they strip most fish and animals to the bone, giving them no chance for the second time. Further, the amazing swimming capability of Pirana Fishes as reflected by their short, sharp, bursts of speed, they hold the potential to catch up the prey, no matter how far it is.

Well, Pirana fishes are popular for their extensive shapes, colors and designs they are seen in the water. Generally, one can divide the family of Pirana Fishes in to two categories namely, Pygocentrus group and Serrasalmus group.
The first category of the Pirana Fishes has close resemblance to the bull dogs in its looks, although it is not a very active family. The Serrasalmus group has a longer more pointed face/snout, giving it altogether a different look from the former group.

There are still more categories of Pirana Fishes that the researches have identified and currently being studied. However, in an aquarium only the common 10 different breeds are kept, taking in to the account various safety and other factors in to the consideration.

Some of the common breeds of the Pirana Fishes found in home aquaria are as follows:

Pygocentrus group of Pirana Fishes
� Nattereri: Also known as �red bellied� Pirana, this is commonly found in various locations in the Amazon.

� Caribe: This family of the Pirana Fishes bear close resemblance to the Nattereri Pirana, and is commonly seen in Venezuela.

� Piraya: Crowned as the �king Pirana�, Piraya Pirana Fish is one of the most rare and costly fish, which is mostly seen in the Rio Sao Francisco region of the Amazon. Well, not only it looks amazing due to its golden streaks present on the flanks, but is also popular as being the most ferocious in the Pirana Fish family.

Serrasalmus group of Pirana Fishes

� Rhombeus Pirana Fish: As can also be inferred from its name �Black� Pirana, it is popular for its dark markings and evil red eye. These Pirana Fishes are generally preserved in a separate aquarium, as they prefer to hunt individually. Further, these Pirana fishes posses the capability to grow themselves as long as 18 inches.
� Elongatus Pirana Fish: These Pirana fishes look like a pike, and hence are also known as the �pike� Pirana. These are popular for their sudden ferocious attacks they do on their prey, giving them no space to escape.

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