Saturday, November 7, 2009

PA Fish Commission

The PA fish commission is also called The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Pennsylvania is one of the four states of the United States of America that is called a commonwealth. Another of the names given to Pennsylvania is the keystone state. Pennsylvania is called the keystone state as it forms a bridge between the Northern and the Southern states, and also as a link between the Atlantic seaboard and the Midwest. The pa fish commission is responsible for managing fish as a resource in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Fishing is a major part of the Pennsylvanian economy and therefore agencies like the pa fish commission are vital in these places.

The pa fish commission is an independent commonwealth agency on its own. It comprises of 10 commissioners appointed by the Governor and who are later approved by the Legislature. The agency then appoints an Executive Director to oversee its day-to-day operations. The executive director of the pa fish commission oversees the Executive Office, that includes human resources, the Bureau of Administration, Bureau of Boating and Education, Bureau of engineering and Development, Bureau of fisheries, and the Bureau of Law Enforcement.

One of the oldest and most conservative conservational agencies in the United States of America, the pa fish commission has been in existence since 1866. The pa fish commission has the responsibility of protecting and managing Pennsylvania�s fishery resources and regulating recreational fishing and boating on Pennsylvania waters. It tries to provide opportunities for fishing and boating to the public through appropriate management and utilization of aquatic resources.

The goal of the pa fish commission is to protect, conserve and enhance the utilization of the aquatic resources. It is also responsible for safety of the fishers and other people who use the aquatic resource of Pennsylvania. Annually nearly 2 m people, include some nearly 600,000 minors, fish in the lakes of Pennsylvania every year. The pa fish commission is a user-funded agencies, it receives no General Fund Tax Revenue to support its programs. The funds received by the pa fish commission come basically in two parts - the Fish Fund and the Boat Fund.

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