Monday, November 2, 2009

Northern Pike Fishing In Manitoba

Have you ever tried Northern pike Fishing Manitoba? Ever thought what it is all about? Let us try and explore Nothern Pike Fishing Manitoba. The best way to enjoy northern pike fishing in Manitoba is to register and book yourself for a week or even a weekend at a good fishing lodge preferably one that has exclusive rights to a lake or river. The reason why this is extremely important is that lodges that have exclusivity with any freshwater lake or river generally are better equipped to provide you with the kind of holiday you are planning for. Northern pike fishing in Manitoba is famous the world over because Manitoba is famous for its unsullied landscape and stocked freshwater reserves.

It is a good idea to book in advance and to make sure that your plans and expectations from the trip are clearly known to the owners of the lodge. It is always more convenient to have a straight talk to the lodge owners about what kind of trip you are expecting and how they can help. Northern pike fishing in Manitoba is very satisfying because the rivers and lakes of this region are very well stocked with northern pike the like of which you may never see outside of Manitoba. The northern pike here are ferocious, aggressive and extremely powerful.

Even so, northern pike fishing in Manitoba is easiest because they will hit almost any lure or fly. Most popular, or the lures that work best are the �red and silver� and the thumbnail daredevil jigs. In short pies will hit anything that piques their curiosity. Your baitfish will have to be big if you want to catch a huge, monster northern pike because they will not bite upon bugs, flies and minnows. Therefore if you�re angling for a huge 40-pound northern pike than get used to the idea that your baitfish will have to be something like a one-pound walleye. Northern pike fishing in Montana also needs you to be creative about leaving your bait in a way that the northern pike feels as though it is the one who�s ambushing the bait instead of being the other way around, so leave your baitfish in a narrow section of the river, leave out plenty of line, sit back in your boat and wait for the tugging to begin.

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