Sunday, November 15, 2009

Newfoundland Trout Fishing

Newfoundland Trout Fishing has always been a great experience. It is every angler�s dream to go after the big trout of the north. The mysterious, beautiful and divinely tasty brook or lake trout found in the Great Lakes or in Canada. Newfoundland Trout Fishing and in general the trout of Newfoundland is very famous. The trout found in Newfoundland is of two kinds generally � there is the lake trout and the brook trout. The lake trout is a species that likes to delve deep into the water of the lake it inhabits. However, in certain streams and lakes of Newfoundland and Labrador, lake trout can also be found in fast moving streams and shallow waters here they provide fly fishers the unusual opportunity to catch them using fly-fishing methods. Sometimes if the anglers are lucky and if they have their wits about then it is not impossible for fly fishers and light tackle fans to catch fifteen to twenty five pound lake trout.

The Newfoundland Trout fishing involves fishing in areas like Newfoundland and Labrador, which have such huge rivers and lakes that the concentration of such large lake trout in their waters is not uncanny. Sometimes surface trolling can also catch these lake trout. Simply put, all that the angler has to do is tie an old license plate or piece of metal to string and lower it into the water, then slowly and steadily so as to not spook the trout, drag it across the bed of the lake or river, the lake trout will come running after it.

Newfoundland trout fishing is not only about the lake trout though. You can also fish for brook trout, which is also a sport fish of equal value as of lake trout. Increasingly in Newfoundland and in the area of Labrador, anglers are becoming fans of brook trout fishing; the brook trout is a member of the trout family that is flecked with orange or white depending on its diet. This flamboyant fish is a delight to catch for the angler because not only does it put up a plucky fight to the finish; it is also an extremely tasty table fish. It tastes better than the lake or even the more famous rainbow trout. So don�t just sit there, find some bait, today might be your day to catch that twenty pound lake trout and enjoy Newfoundland Trout Fishing to its best.

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