Friday, November 13, 2009

Marathon Florida Fishing

Marathon lies in the middle of the Florida Keys island chain. The private airport on the island takes advantage of this favorable positioning. The island of Marathon is also famous as �The Heart of the keys�. It offers a variety of aquatic activities -diving, snorkeling, marine sports and, of course, fishing. The availability of diverse kinds of marathon Florida fishing sites is what makes Marathon famous � offshore, backwaters, reefs and flats. The fish, for which the island is renowned, is tarpon or the �silver king�. Let us find a little more about Marathon Florida fishing.

Offshore marathon Florida fishing can be had in the Gulf of Mexico. The species found here are sailfish, wahoo and dolphin (which are plentiful during summer). Coral reefs � of both natural and artificial variety- are also good fishing sites. The artificial ones are formed by the settling-in of coral on crab traps, wrecks, lobster pots etc. Fishing here is best during night. Permit and cobia are abundant here.

An alternative to above can be flats fishing in the Gulf. The sea here is deeper and more open and therefore calmer, even in the strongest breeze. The fishes to look for are tarpon and bonefish. Backcountry Marathon Florida fishing can be had in the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge (which lies to the northwest) or in the Everglades National Park, which is located northeast to the island of Marathon. A unique feature of this island is that the bridges serve as excellent sites for marathon Florida fishing. They serve both as an artificial reef and a fishing pier. The Long Key Bridge, bridges at Toms Harbor and the east and west ends of the old Seven Mile Bridge are ideal fishing locations.

However, the most popular fishing spot of Marathon is undoubtedly, the West Hump. It lies to the southeast of the island and Marathon Florida fishing here is best in the summer. The West Hump is a mountain rising from the seabed and submerged in the ocean. It�s a favorite spot for tuna and bonito, which are found the year round. Spring and summer see the coming of dolphin fish (or mahi-mahi) and blackfin tuna. The importance of a local licensed guide cannot be stressed too much. They can direct enthusiasts to sites where fishes are most likely to be found and at the best time for Marathon Florida fishing. Fishing charter boats are readily available in Marathon. They range from luxury yachts to the more economical �party� boats.

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