Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lowrance Fish Finders

Lowrance fish finders are electronic devices that help locate fish at sea. They incorporate the uses, and features of the sonar with a few more advanced features. For more than 4 decades, Lowrance Electronics has providing the best services in the world in the field of designing, manufacturing and distribution of quality SONAR and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for marine and sport fishing. The objective driving Lowrance Electronics to continue providing high quality, high performance products priced competitively. The widespread distribution system of Lowrance fish finders marine products makes it extremely easy for our consumers to purchase our products, which are available through wholesalers, boat dealers, retail outfits like sporting goods stores and mail-order catalogs.

The Lowrance fish finders include many advanced features setting them apart from other products in its category. The SONAR products of Lowrance fish finders use graphically displayed images to display underwater information required by fishermen. The enhanced quality of the SONAR displays bottom contours, schools of baitfish, identifies sporting and game fish to the number. Fish anglers generally use these as devices to find game fish and recreational and navigational fishermen use them to map out the bottom of the sea, lake or river and also use them as safety devices.

Features like WAAS, or Wide Area Augmentation System make them useful for fishermen for navigational purposes, to hunters, backpackers and pilots to carefully pinpoint their locations, select 1000 waypoints (also known as favorite spots) and save them in the unit so they can return to these spots whenever they want. When the US Department of Defense removed Selective Availability (SA) from its fleet of satellites then the power and performance of Lowrance fish finders worldwide increased by ten times.

Lowrance Electronics is constantly trying to improve on the performance of its products and is the leader in its field because Lowrance is always bringing out new innovative designs and features in our products. Lowrance fish finders innovated sonar adaptable to the needs of sporting fishermen and anglers in 1957. In the 1960�s it innovated sonar that would send signals from the bottom of the hull of the boat. It was also the first to innovate a split screen liquid crystal display unit that would display fish, showing whether they were on the left or right of the boat or under it. Over the years Lowrance fish finders have helped thousands of fish anglers to find and catch their trophy fish. After all, fishing is a lot more enjoyable when you actually catch something.

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