Monday, November 30, 2009

Wyoming Game and Fish

Let us start the discussions about Wyoming Game and Fish. The state of Wyoming is popularly known as the �cowboy state�. Nestled in the Rockies, it�s also famous for its big game hunting and fishing. It is one of the few states where game hunting and fishing is a privilege granted by state law. Some people also claim that Wyoming is a fisherman�s paradise. One of the unique features of hunting in the state is that Wyoming allows for archery hunting along with regular hunting. Of course you have to buy a separate archery-hunting license for the particular game of your choice. So let us start this topic about Wyoming Game and Fish.

The state boasts of being the home of the largest antelope population in the country. Wyoming has designated specific areas for hunting. You can only hunt game in these areas, in certain months of the year. Antelope season generally starts in September and ends in late October. August and September constitute the season for archery hunting. Wyoming is also the home of the world�s largest singleelk herd. The archery-hunting season for Wyoming game and Fish is September. Regular hunting is allowed in October and November.

While every county cam boasts of the presence of mule deer, white tailed deer are native to the Black Hills area (archery season-September, regular hunting allowed in October and November). One of the most popular big game animals of Wyoming is the moose. Wyoming Game and Fish is also very famous. They are found in the northwestern parts of the state. However, keep in mind that hunting of a cow moose with calf at its side is strictly prohibited (archery season-September, Regular hunting-September and October).

The northwestern portions of the state also play host to a small herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. Bear freely roam in the Yellowstone National Park, though hunting is not allowed in the Park. Wild and waterfowl hunting too is part of the game industry. Pheasants, Hungarian partridge, wild turkeys, sage grouse are widely distributed. Geese and ducks too are popular game. Wyoming Game and Fish is really gaining a lot of popularity nowadays.

The state of Wyoming is home to 22 species famous for the Wyoming game and fish. Its clear and clod water bodies are ideal for flourishing of trout. Warm water lakes provide favorable habitat to channel catfish, bass, sanger, stone cat, arctic grayling and burbot. Hunting enthusiasts should remember that Wyoming game and fish are subject to different license fees from residents and non-residents. Wyoming is a state that firmly believes in the conservation of its resources. Thus, big game hunting and fishing is heavily regulated here.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wellcraft Fisherman

The Wellcraft brand in the boat-building industry has stood for top quality, stable fishing and sport boats. In the last 5 decades they have built up a solid reputation in the industry for their well-crafted fishing boats. The Wellcraft Fisherman series of the company features high performance offshore fishing boats. Described as an angler�s dream, the Wellcraft Fisherman is a must for the serious fisherman.

Wellcraft is a subsidiary of Genmar Industries. They offer center console boats in the 18 to 36 feet length range. The company manufactures both sport style and flybridge fishing boats. The company has five product lines � the Coastal offers big luxury, deep-sea fishing boats. The Sportsman series is a family activity as well as a fishing boat. The Tournament showcases a professional machine made for the rigors of competition. Those who want a boat for shallow waters and inshore fishing should look towards the Bay series. Wellcraft fisherman is not something you would want to miss.

However for the expert angler no other boat could satisfy but Wellcraft�s Fisherman product line. It comes equipped with every possible fishing amenity that an angler should expect from his boat, combining it with the height of luxury.

A wellcraft Fisherman comes outfitted with fish boxes, gunwale rod storage, rod holders, casting platform along with a baitwell and transom storage boxes � and these are just the standard specifications. The largest model of the series is the 252 Fisherman � the �angler�s dream� as the company describes it. The 232 is an extremely stable boat which gives you the ride of a dry �big boat�.

Wellcraft�s 212 Fisherman is a versatile boat which handles equally well in the deep sea as well as shallow backwaters. If you are looking for a fast and light boat then the 180 Fisherman is for you. Though very quick, it is still highly maneuverable. It is a small boat, ideal for light tackle fishing.

All these boats come with numerous options and can be engineered to your specific needs. A visit to the Wellcraft Fisherman website is a must for all boat enthusiasts - It is an extremely resource filled site with a gallery of the Wellcraft Fisherman photographs. It also features links to your local Wellcraft dealers and the company�s own accessories and apparel store.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Walleye Fishing In Manitoba

Walleye fishing in Manitoba is very famous. Let us see what makes it so famous. Manitoba is a veritable paradise for anglers and all those who have even the remotest interest in fishing and aquatic life. The region of Manitoba is one of the beautiful and also one of the richest in various aquatic creatures. The environs of Manitoba are ideally suited to fishing, which is after all a sport designed to help the person who participates to relax and unwind, the air is crisp, the water clean and clear and the land is preserved in its pristine wilderness. Nothing has changed in the Manitoba wilderness in hundreds of years. There are places and spots where you can be guaranteed no human has ever set foot leave alone fished. Walleye fishing in Manitoba can be exhilarating and the experience of a lifetime.

Walleye are generally very elusive fish and like to keep out of sight. They get spooked easily therefore it is necessary that you proceed with the utmost of caution when trying to catch a big one among these fish. Walleye like to stay in the cold, dark waters at the bottom of the lake or river where they are residing. And that makes Walleye fishing in Manitoba quite feasible. They are not like other species of sporting fish that will aggressively show off their strength and come up to the angler, teasing and daring him to cast his line and try to catch them if he can.

Here is a bit more about Walleye fishing in Manitoba. Walleye are perfectly happy staying at the bottom of the water occasionally coming up to the shallower waters of the lake and river to prey upon small crayfish and plankton. It is at this time that you must pay attention and make sure that your cast falls directly in front the walleye so it has enough time to think and firmly bite your lure at which point, hold on and with everything you have, try to bring the fish in. Walleye may be sluggish during summer months and may not move very quickly but when caught in a corner, these supposedly sluggish fish will surprise you the amount of fight in them to stave off captivity. The best time to fish for walleye is actually the winter months when they are completely in their element and willing to bite at any lure or jig you throw their way. Walleye fishing in Manitoba is as good as it gets.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Viper Fish

Known for its large mouth, long fang-like teeth, Viper fish is one of the most furious slayers of the sea. In fact the fangs of the viper fish are so large that they even do not fit in its mouth, rather they curve back near its eyes. These fangs are helpful to viper fish in tearing and spearing through its prey.

The Viper fish possess the capability to swim at much high speeds thereby hardly leaving any scope for its prey to escape. The first vertebra of viper fish, located right behind its skull, helps it in same by acting as a shock absorber.

The viper fish has its own unique way to attract and catch the prey. It produces light in it by using its long dorsal spine that stays tipped with a photophore. It actually stays motionless at some chosen destination in the water with its light flashing on and off. It is when the small fishes get attracted to these flashing lights, the viper fish comes in to the action and catches its prey.

Further, the viper fishes have a large stomach, so as to store the food, to be used later when needed. Also, they can rotate their hinged skull so as to swallow the large prey.

A viper fish in general, has an iridescent dark silver-blue color in life with pale fins. Its size varies from fish to fish, though it can grow itself up to a length of 30 cm. A viper fish can generally be seen in the deep sea, at around 500 m to 2500 m depth during the day time. However, due to the higher availability of the prey at shallower heights during nights, they swim up to the heights even lesser than 60 m. They are known for their capability to migrate vertically in to the water, and high sped swimming capability.

A viper fish generally feed on crustaceans and small fishes. However, it may feed on other sea animals during scarcity of food.

Further, a viper fish may be seen attracting other male viper fishes by using the photophores. These are basically the hexagonal pigmented areas that are present all along the sides of its body. A viper fish generally reproduces by spawning externally.

Monday, November 23, 2009

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish Song

So long and Thanks for all the fish song, the first you hear these words, something snaps and you begin to wonder, what on earth are they talking about? What can so long and Thanks for all the fish song possibly mean? This is a perfectly normal, red-blooded answer to a question that will probably plague you for the rest of your life if you read Douglas Adams� Hitchhiker�s Guide to the Galaxy. The book is a pioneering work of science fiction that does away with all previously known concepts of science fiction. It ignores and subverts certain parameters that had become the norm for any science fiction novel and what is the final product of this irreverent, absolutely unnerving line of thought shakes up the foundations of human arrogance and self absorption in relation to everything and anything around us. And this where these words so long and Thanks for all the fish song comes from.

Humans have always had this unquestioned and unreasoned belief that they exist at the centre of the universe and the universe exists for them. This belief has roots in religion, in spirituality and almost in every organized structure of human thought. The utter disregard and complete contempt shown by humans to other species and life systems on this planet are exposed in a way that it goes beyond the routine appeal of activists� to conserve water. The Hitchhiker�s Guide shows what no number of activists can or will for that matter. The guide exposes the complete insignificance of humans within the scope of larger and greater things including the words to the so long and Thanks for all the fish song.

In the book, the earth is destroyed because it stands in the way of constructing an hyperspace bypass, a kind of highway through space and it is going to be destroyed upon which the dolphins, the creatures who subtly control life and power on planet Earth decide to leave. So long and thanks for all the fish song is sung by the dolphins who want to tell the humans that their time on the planet is over, destruction is at hand and they, the most intelligent species on the planet must leave. The worth of the humans is constantly devalued and human achievement is acknowledged as being only limited to not knowing a single thing about the true nature of the galaxy. The dolphins have enjoyed the fish and the sights of Earth and now they must go, it is nothing to feel sorry or betrayed about, it is only a mere rock in a single system of planets, cutting through the core belief that binds human thought together, that humans are special, made by a supreme being. So that�s the end to the mystery behind the so long and Thanks for all the fish song.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tropical Fish Index

What is Tropical Fish index? Tropical fish are a beautiful example of the immense wonder of the aquatic life on this planet. When thinking about tropical fish our minds are immediately transported to visions of brilliant, sapphire blue waters where the tropical fish swim around like so many specks of vivacious, vibrant color in a sea of blue, black, and green. The purpose for setting up a tropical fish index is primarily to help fish aficionados to learn more about their favorite kind of tropical fish and also to learn about new kinds of species of tropical fish.

Many of us are unfamiliar with the species of tropical fish that we may keep in aquariums at home and other tropical fish that are usually better off in their natural habitat. And this is where Tropical Fish index comes into play. Although, all tropical fish would most definitely be much happier in their natural, true habitat however there can be no contest that some fish adapt more easily to the adjustment of an aquarium then other species of fish.

A tropical fish index is helpful when it comes to determining which of those species are able to adapt themselves to life inside an aquarium. The tropical fish index notes down every thing particular about the fish such as, size, length, physical characteristics, distinguishing qualities, feeding habits and whims, sex, spawning frequency and lifespan. Also the index also helps maintain a record about certain characteristics of fish that are unknown to most people.

Tropical Fish index helps is more than one ways. Like the silver arowana is an extremely jumpy fish; it is restless and very energetic. It jumps for food for makes it very important for us to know that we must keep the aquarium containing the silver arowana covered at all times and even weighed down because it is not uncommon for the silver arowana to jump straight out of the fish aquarium and land on the floor. The tropical fish index also helps out in differentiating between freshwater tropical fish and saltwater tropical fish and it would not do at all to keep both these fish in the same aquarium as their life patterns would scarcely match causing disharmony and distress. So that is how we can all benefit from Tropical Fish index.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Star Fish Facts

Starfish has always been a very fascinating animal. Let us try to know some star fish facts. These are some very interesting star fish facts. The starfish is a fish that is shaped like a rudimentary star, that�s simple enough right? It has five arms called rays. The starfish is part of the starfish group known as the echinodermata, or spiky skinned. The interesting thing about the starfish is that if any one of the rays or arms of the starfish is lost during a conflict or some other such mishap then it grows back on its own accord. The starfish is one of the most interesting creatures that are found in the ocean. They are not contained to any single ocean. Star fish are found in every ocean of the world. Another of the Star fish facts is that they grow to be different sizes; their size depends upon the kind of starfish they are. They have no toes, just the soles on their arms that they wiggle to move around in the ocean. When they move on the ocean floor, it is known as migrating. The starfish are found in many colors like pink, red, yellow, and violet.

The biggest starfish is called the Solaster, or the sunstar. Etymologically, the word Solaster means sunstar, Sol (sun) and Aster (star). There are some very interesting star fish facts. One of them is that the starfish is not a fish at all. The starfish can also reproduce itself absolutely asexually. Another amazing starfish fact is that if the starfish were to be cut accidentally into five different pieces then each piece would reproduce itself as a new starfish independently. The starfish generally prefer to eat clams, oysters and mussels. Young starfish are extremely hungry all the time and they can eat up to thirty five to forty mussels a day. But as the starfish grow older, they lose their appetite and are content with even five or ten mussels a day.

Here are some more interesting star fish facts are mentioned below. The starfish pulls the mussel very close to itself. It then climbs onto the mussels and pulls the shell apart with its arms and sucks up the mussel�s soft insides. But the starfish is a voracious predator that eats whatever it can catch and smother. It has been known to attack fish in nets. Of other interesting star fish facts this one is also very amazing, that they cannot hear. They have no eyes, or ears or even a mouth. When starfish have to eat, they turn their stomach out.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish Lyrics

Ever heard the So Long and Thanks for All the Fish Lyrics properly? They are really amazing. So Long and Thanks for All the Fish Lyrics really make to actually listen to the entire song. One of the most quirky lyrics offered by a song in recent times must be �So long and thanks for all the fish�. It is a song that plays in the opening credits of the early 2005 motion picture release �The Hitchhiker�s Guide to The Galaxy�. While on one level the song is very light hearted, on the other hand �so long and thanks for all the fish�s� lyrics also present a very grim picture of human existence on this Earth. Some sing along versions of the So Long and Thanks for All the Fish Lyrics are available on the net.

The So Long and Thanks for all the Fish Lyrics are inspired from the fourth book of Douglas Adams�s increasingly misnamed Hitchhiker�s Trilogy � �So Long and Thanks for All the Fish lyrics�. In the opening titles of the film, a chorus of dolphins sings the song. They perform �so long and thanks for all the fish� as a big show number with verve and panache. This misnamed trilogy of books begins with the destruction of the Earth to make way for an intergalactic expressway. Douglas Adams reiterates the some plot over and over again � we follow the adventures of a motley group of space adventurers and anti-heroes but it always ends with the destruction of the Earth.

�So long and thanks for all the fish lyrics� is the fourth in Adam�s series of science fiction novels. The cosmic plan of the universe is revealed in this book. The dolphins are depicted as the caretakers of this world. They are more highly evolved mammals, who are to insure the smooth operations of life on this planet. However, even they cannot stop the demolition of Earth and are about to abandon the earthlings to return to their native planet. So long and thanks for all the fish lyrics make it clear that this is a farewell song. The dolphins point out that they had repeatedly tried to warn the humans about the destruction of their planet but humankind has ever remained ignorant of the inconsequential position it occupies in this universe.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pirana Fish

Also known as �the wolf of the water�, Pirana fishes are categorized among the legendary sea creatures. Popular for their ferocity, Pirana Fishes do not give a second chance to their prey to escape. With their razor sharp teeth they strip most fish and animals to the bone, giving them no chance for the second time. Further, the amazing swimming capability of Pirana Fishes as reflected by their short, sharp, bursts of speed, they hold the potential to catch up the prey, no matter how far it is.

Well, Pirana fishes are popular for their extensive shapes, colors and designs they are seen in the water. Generally, one can divide the family of Pirana Fishes in to two categories namely, Pygocentrus group and Serrasalmus group.
The first category of the Pirana Fishes has close resemblance to the bull dogs in its looks, although it is not a very active family. The Serrasalmus group has a longer more pointed face/snout, giving it altogether a different look from the former group.

There are still more categories of Pirana Fishes that the researches have identified and currently being studied. However, in an aquarium only the common 10 different breeds are kept, taking in to the account various safety and other factors in to the consideration.

Some of the common breeds of the Pirana Fishes found in home aquaria are as follows:

Pygocentrus group of Pirana Fishes
� Nattereri: Also known as �red bellied� Pirana, this is commonly found in various locations in the Amazon.

� Caribe: This family of the Pirana Fishes bear close resemblance to the Nattereri Pirana, and is commonly seen in Venezuela.

� Piraya: Crowned as the �king Pirana�, Piraya Pirana Fish is one of the most rare and costly fish, which is mostly seen in the Rio Sao Francisco region of the Amazon. Well, not only it looks amazing due to its golden streaks present on the flanks, but is also popular as being the most ferocious in the Pirana Fish family.

Serrasalmus group of Pirana Fishes

� Rhombeus Pirana Fish: As can also be inferred from its name �Black� Pirana, it is popular for its dark markings and evil red eye. These Pirana Fishes are generally preserved in a separate aquarium, as they prefer to hunt individually. Further, these Pirana fishes posses the capability to grow themselves as long as 18 inches.
� Elongatus Pirana Fish: These Pirana fishes look like a pike, and hence are also known as the �pike� Pirana. These are popular for their sudden ferocious attacks they do on their prey, giving them no space to escape.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Newfoundland Trout Fishing

Newfoundland Trout Fishing has always been a great experience. It is every angler�s dream to go after the big trout of the north. The mysterious, beautiful and divinely tasty brook or lake trout found in the Great Lakes or in Canada. Newfoundland Trout Fishing and in general the trout of Newfoundland is very famous. The trout found in Newfoundland is of two kinds generally � there is the lake trout and the brook trout. The lake trout is a species that likes to delve deep into the water of the lake it inhabits. However, in certain streams and lakes of Newfoundland and Labrador, lake trout can also be found in fast moving streams and shallow waters here they provide fly fishers the unusual opportunity to catch them using fly-fishing methods. Sometimes if the anglers are lucky and if they have their wits about then it is not impossible for fly fishers and light tackle fans to catch fifteen to twenty five pound lake trout.

The Newfoundland Trout fishing involves fishing in areas like Newfoundland and Labrador, which have such huge rivers and lakes that the concentration of such large lake trout in their waters is not uncanny. Sometimes surface trolling can also catch these lake trout. Simply put, all that the angler has to do is tie an old license plate or piece of metal to string and lower it into the water, then slowly and steadily so as to not spook the trout, drag it across the bed of the lake or river, the lake trout will come running after it.

Newfoundland trout fishing is not only about the lake trout though. You can also fish for brook trout, which is also a sport fish of equal value as of lake trout. Increasingly in Newfoundland and in the area of Labrador, anglers are becoming fans of brook trout fishing; the brook trout is a member of the trout family that is flecked with orange or white depending on its diet. This flamboyant fish is a delight to catch for the angler because not only does it put up a plucky fight to the finish; it is also an extremely tasty table fish. It tastes better than the lake or even the more famous rainbow trout. So don�t just sit there, find some bait, today might be your day to catch that twenty pound lake trout and enjoy Newfoundland Trout Fishing to its best.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Marathon Florida Fishing

Marathon lies in the middle of the Florida Keys island chain. The private airport on the island takes advantage of this favorable positioning. The island of Marathon is also famous as �The Heart of the keys�. It offers a variety of aquatic activities -diving, snorkeling, marine sports and, of course, fishing. The availability of diverse kinds of marathon Florida fishing sites is what makes Marathon famous � offshore, backwaters, reefs and flats. The fish, for which the island is renowned, is tarpon or the �silver king�. Let us find a little more about Marathon Florida fishing.

Offshore marathon Florida fishing can be had in the Gulf of Mexico. The species found here are sailfish, wahoo and dolphin (which are plentiful during summer). Coral reefs � of both natural and artificial variety- are also good fishing sites. The artificial ones are formed by the settling-in of coral on crab traps, wrecks, lobster pots etc. Fishing here is best during night. Permit and cobia are abundant here.

An alternative to above can be flats fishing in the Gulf. The sea here is deeper and more open and therefore calmer, even in the strongest breeze. The fishes to look for are tarpon and bonefish. Backcountry Marathon Florida fishing can be had in the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge (which lies to the northwest) or in the Everglades National Park, which is located northeast to the island of Marathon. A unique feature of this island is that the bridges serve as excellent sites for marathon Florida fishing. They serve both as an artificial reef and a fishing pier. The Long Key Bridge, bridges at Toms Harbor and the east and west ends of the old Seven Mile Bridge are ideal fishing locations.

However, the most popular fishing spot of Marathon is undoubtedly, the West Hump. It lies to the southeast of the island and Marathon Florida fishing here is best in the summer. The West Hump is a mountain rising from the seabed and submerged in the ocean. It�s a favorite spot for tuna and bonito, which are found the year round. Spring and summer see the coming of dolphin fish (or mahi-mahi) and blackfin tuna. The importance of a local licensed guide cannot be stressed too much. They can direct enthusiasts to sites where fishes are most likely to be found and at the best time for Marathon Florida fishing. Fishing charter boats are readily available in Marathon. They range from luxury yachts to the more economical �party� boats.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lowrance Fish Finders

Lowrance fish finders are electronic devices that help locate fish at sea. They incorporate the uses, and features of the sonar with a few more advanced features. For more than 4 decades, Lowrance Electronics has providing the best services in the world in the field of designing, manufacturing and distribution of quality SONAR and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for marine and sport fishing. The objective driving Lowrance Electronics to continue providing high quality, high performance products priced competitively. The widespread distribution system of Lowrance fish finders marine products makes it extremely easy for our consumers to purchase our products, which are available through wholesalers, boat dealers, retail outfits like sporting goods stores and mail-order catalogs.

The Lowrance fish finders include many advanced features setting them apart from other products in its category. The SONAR products of Lowrance fish finders use graphically displayed images to display underwater information required by fishermen. The enhanced quality of the SONAR displays bottom contours, schools of baitfish, identifies sporting and game fish to the number. Fish anglers generally use these as devices to find game fish and recreational and navigational fishermen use them to map out the bottom of the sea, lake or river and also use them as safety devices.

Features like WAAS, or Wide Area Augmentation System make them useful for fishermen for navigational purposes, to hunters, backpackers and pilots to carefully pinpoint their locations, select 1000 waypoints (also known as favorite spots) and save them in the unit so they can return to these spots whenever they want. When the US Department of Defense removed Selective Availability (SA) from its fleet of satellites then the power and performance of Lowrance fish finders worldwide increased by ten times.

Lowrance Electronics is constantly trying to improve on the performance of its products and is the leader in its field because Lowrance is always bringing out new innovative designs and features in our products. Lowrance fish finders innovated sonar adaptable to the needs of sporting fishermen and anglers in 1957. In the 1960�s it innovated sonar that would send signals from the bottom of the hull of the boat. It was also the first to innovate a split screen liquid crystal display unit that would display fish, showing whether they were on the left or right of the boat or under it. Over the years Lowrance fish finders have helped thousands of fish anglers to find and catch their trophy fish. After all, fishing is a lot more enjoyable when you actually catch something.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saskatchewan Fishing Lodge

The Saskatchewan Province of Canada is home to almost 100,000 lakes and rivers. Its crystal clear waters play host to numerous varieties of fish. The most common fishes found here are freshwater northern pike, walleye, trophy lake trout and the arctic grayling. Truly integral to a fishing experience is a stay at one of Saskatchewan�s famous fishing lodges. What distinguishes Saskatchewan from other fishing provinces is its sheer unclutteredness. So a stay at any of the secluded Saskatchewan fishing lodges is made truly memorable.

Another distinctive feature of Saskatchewan�s fishing lodges is that they offer a range of non-fishing activities. This is truly untouched, unspoiled country. In fact Saskatchewan is extremely proud of it being one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. While numerous lakes add to a superior fishing experience, Saskatchewan fishing lodges are not backward in offering quality accommodation. Not only do you have the choice of a range of affordable resorts to choose from, you can also choose from different �kinds� of fishing experiences.

A luxurious five-star resort, camping on remote islands, outpost fishing camps (secluded fly fishing arranged for smaller groups), modern cabins and corporate excursions-visitors are spoiled for choice. Most Saskatchewan fishing lodges in the Saskatchewan province offer the services of an experienced guide along with fishing equipment, meals (especially to look out for are the shore lunches where the guides cook the fish caught by you), bait and tackle. The resorts offer such varied lodging facilities as handicap units, a �cabin in the trees� or a modern hotel room.

Although the fishing is truly spectacular in Saskatchewan, you can always opt for other wilderness activities arranged by the Saskatchewan fishing lodges. Golf, cross-country skiing and ice-skating are highlights of Southern Saskatchewan. The Northern regions offer canoeing and guided snowmobile tours. For the hunters, exclusive bear hunts can be arranged.

Saskatchewan fishing lodges pride themselves on their friendly atmosphere. They work hard to make your vacation successful-whether it�s a family party or corporate conference or a harried city dweller looking for solitude. You can laze around the private beaches of Saskatchewan fishing lodges in Southern Saskatchewan, explore local wilderness by a boat or canoe in the Central areas and those ready to brave the frozen North provinces are rewarded by a truly secluded fishing experience.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Salmon Fishing Alaska

Alaska is the northernmost and one of the most isolated states in the USA. While its frigid temperatures may not be conducive to human habitation, they are ideal for salmon runs. Salmon fishing in Alaska, both of the sport and commercial varieties, these feisty and acrobatic fish are eagerly sought by fly fishers and a host of resorts have mushroomed to cater to the needs of the fisherman interested in Alaskan salmon fishing. Lets find out a little bit more about salmon fishing Alaska.

The season begins mid-May and lasts till the end of August. Salmon fishing Alaska is popular for both the saltwater and freshwater varieties. While huge, commercial boats trawl the pacific for Salmon, freshwater fishing can be found in the Kenai and Kasilof rivers. Other popular hunting grounds are Cook Inlet, Resurrection Bay and Kachemak Bay, Seward. The most popular varieties for fishing are the big King Salmon and Silver Salmon. Pink Salmon is mainly commercially farmed.

A license is required to legally do salmon fishing in Alaska. It can be bought over the Internet from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at The Chinook Salmon (The state fish of Alaska) is fished in the Southeast and Cook Inlet areas. It is found in both salt and freshwater. The Coho or Silver Salmon is a saltwater fish. Its fished from the Southeast to Point Hope on the Chukchi Sea. It also travels up the Yukon River up to the Alaska-Yukon border. But undoubtedly, the biggest prize of Alaskan game Salmon fishing is the trophy King Salmon. They are plentiful in the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. The need for experienced guides cannot be stressed too much. They know the area and the best hunting grounds for the fish. Most resorts list the services of a state certified guide as part of their facilities.

Also, a range of accommodation is available to satisfy even the most fastidious of fishermen. You can choose from cabins, lodge-style accommodation, lakefront camps and cabins to the most luxurious resorts. However, integral to the experience is a Salmon fishing Alaska charter. Those charter companies provide equipment proper marine attire, boats, guides, gas and a truly unforgettable experience in the water of Alaska. If you ever get tired of Salmon fishing in Alaska you can always turn to whale watching in the Kenai. Alaska is also home to numerous wildlife such as sea Lions, moose and of course, bears. Truly unique to Alaska are glacier cruises. But it�s the friendly locals who make a Salmon fishing in Alaska truly memorable.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

PA Fish Commission

The PA fish commission is also called The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Pennsylvania is one of the four states of the United States of America that is called a commonwealth. Another of the names given to Pennsylvania is the keystone state. Pennsylvania is called the keystone state as it forms a bridge between the Northern and the Southern states, and also as a link between the Atlantic seaboard and the Midwest. The pa fish commission is responsible for managing fish as a resource in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Fishing is a major part of the Pennsylvanian economy and therefore agencies like the pa fish commission are vital in these places.

The pa fish commission is an independent commonwealth agency on its own. It comprises of 10 commissioners appointed by the Governor and who are later approved by the Legislature. The agency then appoints an Executive Director to oversee its day-to-day operations. The executive director of the pa fish commission oversees the Executive Office, that includes human resources, the Bureau of Administration, Bureau of Boating and Education, Bureau of engineering and Development, Bureau of fisheries, and the Bureau of Law Enforcement.

One of the oldest and most conservative conservational agencies in the United States of America, the pa fish commission has been in existence since 1866. The pa fish commission has the responsibility of protecting and managing Pennsylvania�s fishery resources and regulating recreational fishing and boating on Pennsylvania waters. It tries to provide opportunities for fishing and boating to the public through appropriate management and utilization of aquatic resources.

The goal of the pa fish commission is to protect, conserve and enhance the utilization of the aquatic resources. It is also responsible for safety of the fishers and other people who use the aquatic resource of Pennsylvania. Annually nearly 2 m people, include some nearly 600,000 minors, fish in the lakes of Pennsylvania every year. The pa fish commission is a user-funded agencies, it receives no General Fund Tax Revenue to support its programs. The funds received by the pa fish commission come basically in two parts - the Fish Fund and the Boat Fund.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Northern Pike Fishing In Manitoba

Have you ever tried Northern pike Fishing Manitoba? Ever thought what it is all about? Let us try and explore Nothern Pike Fishing Manitoba. The best way to enjoy northern pike fishing in Manitoba is to register and book yourself for a week or even a weekend at a good fishing lodge preferably one that has exclusive rights to a lake or river. The reason why this is extremely important is that lodges that have exclusivity with any freshwater lake or river generally are better equipped to provide you with the kind of holiday you are planning for. Northern pike fishing in Manitoba is famous the world over because Manitoba is famous for its unsullied landscape and stocked freshwater reserves.

It is a good idea to book in advance and to make sure that your plans and expectations from the trip are clearly known to the owners of the lodge. It is always more convenient to have a straight talk to the lodge owners about what kind of trip you are expecting and how they can help. Northern pike fishing in Manitoba is very satisfying because the rivers and lakes of this region are very well stocked with northern pike the like of which you may never see outside of Manitoba. The northern pike here are ferocious, aggressive and extremely powerful.

Even so, northern pike fishing in Manitoba is easiest because they will hit almost any lure or fly. Most popular, or the lures that work best are the �red and silver� and the thumbnail daredevil jigs. In short pies will hit anything that piques their curiosity. Your baitfish will have to be big if you want to catch a huge, monster northern pike because they will not bite upon bugs, flies and minnows. Therefore if you�re angling for a huge 40-pound northern pike than get used to the idea that your baitfish will have to be something like a one-pound walleye. Northern pike fishing in Montana also needs you to be creative about leaving your bait in a way that the northern pike feels as though it is the one who�s ambushing the bait instead of being the other way around, so leave your baitfish in a narrow section of the river, leave out plenty of line, sit back in your boat and wait for the tugging to begin.