Thursday, October 29, 2009

World Fishing League

The World Fishing League is a unique community whose primary goal is to welcome all those who enjoy the sport of outdoor fishing. In fact, its all-inclusive policy makes space for children too. One of the mottos of the World Fishing League is to catch big fish. Not only is it a meeting point for expert anglers all over the country, its always ready to induct amateur fishermen into its folds. The World Fishing League is an excellent resource repository for a novice fisherman.

One of the chief features of the World Fishing League is that it organizes fishing camps. It brings communities and groups together through the sport of fishing. Since it promotes fishing as a relaxing activity, it plays an important role in popularizing the sport, especially among children. Young adults from clubs and community centers are given expert training in the art of angling. They are given instructions on how to make a fly, how to choose a fly for a particular fish, how to cast a reel, what is the particular equipment appropriate species of a fish, how to take care of their fishing equipment etc.

Fishing is a sport that brings people close to nature. A time-intensive sport, it provides a space for families and friends to spend quality time in each other�s company. Thus the World Fishing League plays the crucial role of community building. It brings together people who enjoy outdoor fishing. Much stress is laid on the fact that fishing is both a way to catch food and a fun activity.

The League has its own competitive ranking system. A fisherman can move up the ranks, the goal being to achieve �master status�. Ranked lists are made for both individual fishes and of fishermen who have expertise in multiple species. The ultimate accolade is to become part of the World Fishing League�s Hall of Fame. The League also has a gallery for showcasing truly record-breaking catches.
One of the noteworthy tasks of the World Fishing League is the organization of tournaments. It also compiles tournament statistics. The World Fishing League also works towards bringing the fishing equipment industry closer to its customers.

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